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“Corn is benign” –

“Corn is benign” –

After a moment of fear and social silence, Carolina Marconi returns to social media to share some news with her followers. She does it in her own way, with a long post full of pathos: “I burst into tears, screamed at the top of my lungs with joy that the whole neighborhood heard, I called my family immediately but I couldn’t talk.” Because of my trembling voice, but just to tell them.. I’m fine! This is the result of the medical examinations she underwent due to the risk of a recurrence of breast cancer, which she defeated months ago. The small spot on her liver that worried her so much turned out to be a benign hemangioma. The showgirl was moved by a liberating cry of joy.

“It’s benign”

Carolina Marconi found out about the positive test results through a phone call from her oncologist to her boyfriend, Alessandro. “After he returned from the supermarket, he looked me straight in the eyes and said that Professor Marazzi called him and said: ‘You have nothing, you are fine, the spot with a diameter of 9 millimeters is a benign hemangioma,’” said Marconi during an interview with the weekly magazine Genti. He had performed breast implants and expressed his concern about the fact that “maybe it also had an effect, I will try to understand better,” a sentence answered by surgeon Rui De Vita, Head of the Department of Plastic Surgery – National Cancer Institute “Regina Elena” in Rome. De commented Vita on Instagram saying this is a “statement devoid of scientific evidence and superficial.”