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Roma-Lazio, Mancini celebrates by waving the flag with the white and blue mouse.  Unmoved: “There are those who have style and those who do not.”

Roma-Lazio, Mancini celebrates by waving the flag with the white and blue mouse. Unmoved: “There are those who have style and those who do not.”

The joy of winning the derby again exactly two years later made some Roma players jump a little. particularly Gianluca Mancini, scorer of the winning goal, who after the match went under the Curva Sud and celebrated by waving a flag thrown at him by fans depicting a mouse on a white and blue background. Mancini waved it for ten seconds in front of the Giallorossi's stronghold of support, before throwing it back towards the stands. He then apologized, saying, “I took the first flag they gave me, and I didn't want to offend anyone.”

Report cards of Roma and Lazio: leader Mancini and Guendouzi the last to surrender. Lukaku-Imobile, attackers in the shadows

By Marko Juric

Unmoved: “Rejoicing in simple style”

Celebration he didn't particularly like Siro is immobile Which, despite trying to water it down by defining it as a “derby thing”, also pointed out that: “There are ways and ways to celebrate, there are those who do it with style and those who do it less but those are points of view.”

Tudor: “The trident was missing the foreground and clarity”

Igor everyoner I don't want to add anything about this. Instead, he explained the reasons for the defeat as follows: “We lacked the trident in attack, a little clarity and some shots on target. This Roma team was too much for us in the little time we had. Congratulations to them and now we are going, “I want to get to know the team better, there is room for improvement in everything.” Then the Biancocelesti coach explains the reasons for the difficulty of facing Lazio: “Things were complicated because it was the third match in seven days. Then it is difficult to steal the ball from Roma. We suffered and suffered from their physicality in the second balls. They had more. “It is up to us. Changes in the first half? “Immobile and Romagnoli had some problems, and Isaksen was a technical option.”

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De Rossi: “Winning the derby as a coach is more exciting”

On the opposite front Daniele De Rossi He relishes his first derby victory as a coach: “It's always nice to win a derby. As a coach, it's a little different, because the weight of defeat falls on the coaches' shoulders. There was incredible anticipation for this match, “It was the best time. I'm very happy that, as a coach, there is more emotional tension. The last minutes were difficult to endure. Never had time passed, I asked the fourth official if the scoreboard had broken. The boys went under “I'm back in the dressing room. Then the boys almost caught me and I had to accept it. This is their moment, but I also enjoyed some hugs with the fans.”