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Roberto Valbozzi, his wife had to say goodbye to him: the end has come for them and there is nothing that can be done to change things

Roberto Valbozzi, his wife had to say goodbye to him: the end has come for them and there is nothing that can be done to change things

Roberto Valbozzi with his wife –

Roberto Valpozzi and Eleonora Loreto are one of the most loved couples on social media: but what is hidden behind the beautiful smile of the TV chef's wife?

Eleonora Loreto, one of Italy's most beloved influential figures and… Wife of Chef Roberto ValbozziHe had a rich and varied career before achieving success on social media.

Their love story, which is followed and admired by many, witnessed moments of great happiness, such as The birth of their son Ilan. However, behind the scenes of this ideal life lie challenges and difficult decisions.

Before she was a well-known face on social media, Eleonora was one Career in the world of entertainment and fashionAnd participation in highly visible programs on Italian television.

king Eleonora had to face a big changewhich also greatly affected his relationship with Roberto Valbozzi, the protagonist so beloved on the small screen.

Eleonora Loreto, model and influencer: what Roberto Valpozzi's wife does

Before becoming a social media influencer, Eleonora Loreto had a successful career in Italian entertainment and fashion. Her beauty and attractiveness led her to this One of the best models in the cast of “Detto Fatto”, a television program dedicated to lessons and fashion. This experience allowed her to gain fame and hone her skills in front of the camera, which prepared her for success on social media.

Her transition from model to influencer has been marked by the ability to adapt and reinvent herself, demonstrating remarkable versatility. Eleonora has been able to leverage her television experience to build a large online following, becoming a point of reference for many women, in particular. In the field of motherhood and lifestyle. Her ability to share aspects of her personal and professional life has created a strong bond with her followers, making her one of the most followed and respected influencers in Italy.

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Eleonora Loreto said and did
Post Eleonora Loreto Ig-

Eleonora Loreto's farewell words after five years together

Despite their success and popularity, the lives of Eleonora Loreto and Roberto Valbozzi were not without challenges. Their relationship, which was admired by many, went through difficult times that led to painful and inevitable decisions, such as the moment… Loreto said goodbye to “Detto Fatto”. The woman received the program with a message of thanks that was welcomed by fans.

The Instagram post arrived simultaneously with the broadcast of the last episode of the program, which was Hosted by Bianca Guachero. For this occasion, Loreto shared some beautiful photos of the five years she spent on television, during her time on the show as a model.