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Big Brother Phoebe, “Sulley Sorge suggested to me how to act on TV”: A very severe accusation has arrived!

Big Brother Phoebe, “Sulley Sorge suggested to me how to act on TV”: A very severe accusation has arrived!

Iconize breaks the silence on Soleil Sorge, accusing Big Brother Vip’s rival of being his partner.

Soleil rise, as expected, proves to be the main driver of The sixth edition of Big Brother Vip. slip against topic stevens NS Samy Youssef Create tensions between Milan and the group CinecittaAnd now comes a new dramatic story related to Soleil NS embodiment, months after the scandal in which the influencer was implicated and Simulation of aggression against homosexuals.

Big Brother Vip, Iconize shoots Zero on Soleil Sorge

in home Big Brother VIPAnd Soleil rise Become the protagonist in a seemingly endless brawl. During the last episode of Canale5 الواقع reality showAnd The Givens have turned against Alfonso Signorini, I decided to get justice for the racist slip announced by the influencer from Milan. According to some competitors GF VIPHowever, anger against worries It could have come from wanting to exclude her from the game, for being one of the strongest characters in a houseRather than thirst for justice.

and when Cinecitta There is still a dense atmosphere, a new attack arrives Soleil. Several months ago, it wasFormer suitor for men and women denounced in the living room Barbara Dorso Friend’s mistake embodiment, guilty of Fake assault against homosexuals To attract likes on social networks. Several weeks later, the person in question admitted his mistakes and quit social media, losing his friendship with her forever Soleil who was hailed for revealing such a brutal truth.

Read some comments on TwitterAnd embodiment I decided to speak frankly about surg role In the sensitive matter that cost him fans and his reputation. “It makes me smile that people still think that Miss was the hero of the day… It’s a pity that she was my partner! Of course you are wrong in life, but the truth must always be told. I am convinced that you will still be the savior of the universe, when I assure you that she was the first to support me And she gave me directions on how to avoid that on TV.”, I acknowledge embodiment Openly announce the involvement Soleil in his theatre. The meeting in the glass room is coming?

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