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Rise the Ronin includes many options to save time while playing

Rise the Ronin includes many options to save time while playing

Rise of the Ronin It will be available soon and the team has unveiled a whole series of features designed for it Don't waste the player's time.

For example, in Rise of the Ronin, we will be able to collect various weapons, equipment and objects, defined by a certain rarity. At some point, these things will overwhelm us and to avoid having to manually remove objects we don't need in Rise of the Ronin, there Option to break or sell items Very low rarity (we determined it).

Added to this is the fact that The videos we have already watched will not be repeated. If we fail a task and have to repeat it, automatic scenes will be skipped. Rise of the Ronin won't even ask you to press a button to skip cutscenes: we can set the game to make it fully automatic.

For those who like it Picture modethere's also good news: Rise of the Ronin lets you advance within a scene frame by frame, so if we press too early we can set the character animation directly in photo mode, without having to press the button on the perfect frame.

Rise of the Ronin: Accelerated Travel

Rise of the Ronin

Also in Rise of the Ronin when we call the horse We would be placed on their backs straight away, rather than having to climb by hand. Added to this is the fact that we can let the horse go freely by simply indicating the arrival point of our enemy, so as not to risk getting lost or having to constantly check the map.

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We are still talking about travel, and quick access will always be available: the activities are many and a fair number are also valid as a point Teleportation. Obviously, from time to time we will have to run on foot: fortunately in Rise of the Ronin la Durability It doesn't wear out when we're out fighting, so we don't have to stop to recharge it.

Finally, we leave you with a behind-the-scenes trailer that showcases the gameplay and introduces us to the directors of Rise of the Ronin.