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Embarrassment from Telethon, misunderstanding between Mara Venier and Paolo Belli: No, that's not all

Embarrassment from Telethon, misunderstanding between Mara Venier and Paolo Belli: No, that’s not all

Misunderstanding between Mosul and Mosul during the Rai1 evening. When you ask for a song, Paulo Bailey plays a completely different song.

tagged Rai 1 Sunday by Mara Venere, which also hosted after the traditional afternoon rendezvous with Domenica In, the first evening dedicated to this event telethon. He was accompanying the announcer during the eveningOrchestra directed by Paolo Pelli, but there appears to have been no major break-in last night, given the amusing moment of misunderstanding between the conductor and conductor during the interview with Luca Cordero di Montezemolo.

Interview with Luca Cordero di Montezemolo

The stated purpose of the Telethon charity event is, of course, to encourage viewers to donate. So Mara Venier, while interviewing the ex-Ferrari boss, a key figure in Telethon history, tried to involve the God Billy Orchestra to cheer the group up with music. The choice was educational, Makomba By Noemi and Carl Brave, to relate abstinence from “salt, salt, salt” to the quantity collected.

Misunderstanding between Mara Vinier and Paolo Pelli

Something impromptu as immediately evident. “Where’s Paulo – asks Maria Venier, citing her colleague’s entry – do we do the work of the one who makes the salt pan? I don’t remember, what’s his name?”. Belli did not immediately understand the signal and hinted at a completely different tone. “not this”Mara Venier extinguishes the enthusiasm, as Pelli looks on in amazement, asking what the song is.

Then after a few seconds the humiliation seems to have finally arrived, Paolo Belli who said he had arrived and approached the orchestra, to improvise the song. The problem is that there is another song with the same clip, “If You Want Me” by Pino Daniele and Irene Grande, which is exactly what Paulo Pelli started leading his band. They do everything and at the end of the song, you get frustrated, says Mara Vinier: “It wasn’t, but that’s fine.” As now in the style of Mara Vinier, who over the years has put the unexpected into the script, the moment of awkwardness faded into a general laugh.