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Ray, follows between Sabrina Giannini and Nunezia de Girolamo after Berlinger.  After discovering the “Linea Notte” box, Mannoni retires

Ray, follows between Sabrina Giannini and Nunezia de Girolamo after Berlinger. After discovering the “Linea Notte” box, Mannoni retires

In the opinion we are working on a solution after passing Burka Perlinger To Mediast, who left the box on Tuesday evening on Rai3 exposed. It is expected to give the official nature on Tuesday 25 July in the Board of Directors, but the hypothesis – which was re -launched by TV Blog – for the relay race Sabrina Giannini and Nunezia de Gerolamo.

Berlinger farewell to Rai

Bianca Perlinger Ray left on July 4 to move to Mediast. He was Pierre Silvio Berlusconi To want it. Negotiations were held between the two in complete secrecy, until the official shift that became the same day after the presentation of the cologno monzese tables. Cartolenica announced her farewell with a message she sent to the general manager, where she thanked the company for “34 years of work always done in complete independence.” In the next TV season, one of the Rete4 faces will be, the channel is now changed Pierre Silvio In the fortified information.

Giannini de Girolamo follows post -Berlinger

Returning to Ray, two names were mentioned after Berlinger: Sabrina Giannini and Nonzia de Gerolamo. The first should return on the air early in September with Guess who will come for dinnerSustainable environmental surveys, animals and sustainable nutritional models. Instead, De Gerolamo will start its start in November with a new political conversation in the style of Gianfranco Funari. work address , Question and AnswerDeclared when presenting the tables, they are likely to be different. On the stage, a confrontation on social and political issues with the public in the studio, reports, reports, links and directness from the region.

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The new DE GIROLAMO program – currently occupied on Rai1 with “Estate Live” – ​​was scheduled on Monday evening, in succession with Before living (In a place reportsIt turned into Rai3 on Sunday evening instead of what’s the weather like). transition Richard Yaanna At this stage, it should alternate with GothamThe new investigation program it conducted Except for a sound Which is expected to leave in November.

Discover Night Line Fund, Mannoni Retirement

Change the guards in “TG3 Linea Notte” next fall. It will not be that anymore Mauritzio Manone In management, where TG3 journalist has to work for 150 days of late leave that will lead him to retirement in April 2024 exactly. His successor has not yet been determined. It will be up to TG3 director, Mario OrviusSet the candidate (or candidates). Monica Jiandoti The name can be the most consumable but the person concerned directly is currently loaned from TG3 and the host network software (when you start restart attachments Saturday afternoon from Rai2).