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Albano Carisi, do you know what job he did before he became a singer?  The craft of unique humility - the Democrat

Albano Carisi, do you know what job he did before he became a singer? The craft of unique humility – the Democrat

A rather amazing background of Albano Carrisi is revealed. Before he became a singer, his job was just that

It all happened on Dancer’s Night Dancing With the Stars he was on Special Guest Bibo Bodo. After his performance on the track, the great rai captain allowed himself to go back to the memories, considering some of the special events he witnessed in his career. Between these two in particular on Alessandra Mussolini and Albano.

In fact, Alessandra Mussolini was right Bebo Bodo Valley When she first appeared on television, and in this year’s edition, Mussolini held the position of a columnist on Dancing with the Stars. While they were remembering these details and approached the bandleader who spotted her to greet him with affection, she also said something sarcastic. “Do I remember that experience? You better forget…”. Smiling, Baudo reinforces his concept.

After that, however, the conductor also wants to focus on Cantante di Cellino San Marco this year He plays the dancer. In fact, Albano put himself to the test despite his age to be able to pursue this new experience. And we can always say it in the right spirit with a smile on his face. But what did Bebo Bodo tell him?

Bebo Budo’s confession to Albano

Albano Caresi Bibo Bodo

Bodo, referring to Albano, wanted to remember how he had met him. He wanted to emphasize how his talent had already shocked him some time ago, the young Albano who had little to do with the world of music, if any. The conductor of the Sicilian orchestra, Mili Carlucci, told the whole audience of Palando how Discover the talent of Albano Caresi.

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“There was an ‘Il Dollar’ restaurant in Milan, where I would go to dinner. At one point it was coming from the Innocenti factory. He served on the tables and then played the guitar. I heard it and decided to launch it the next day on TV.”. Albano’s elegant reply certainly didn’t take long He still carries those good times with her.

In fact, while he was in star hallThe singer emphasized every word of Bodo. He also remembered those moments with happiness and affection. In fact, on that day, to him, he representedA real turning point in his career.

A turning point that made him a real big name in Italian music. then he has Thanks Bebo Budo with great affection.