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Big brother Alberto De Besis attacked by former rival: “He feels like a star”

Big brother Alberto De Besis attacked by former rival: “He feels like a star”

Elenoire Ferruzzi slams finalist from the seventh edition of Big Brother Vip during an Instagram Live.

Albert Debesis I finish In the crosshairs of a controversial former rival of Big Brother Vip. We are talking about Elenoire Ferruzzi which, during a She lives on Instagram with her friend, Patrizia RossettiThe young man charged The finalist of the seventh edition of the reality show To feel like a “star”.

Illinois Turquoise vs. Alberto De Besis

recognition time to Elenoire Ferruzzi and Patricia Rossetti. During an Instagram Live, the two ex-Gives came back to talk about their experiences on House and Gods Relationships established with other competitorsand some completely Disappeared after the end of Big Brother VIP. The first to speak was the presenter, who stated:

I always hear Luca doing a great job, he works so much. I wanted to go live, but it’s always busy. Then I heard Perez and Charlie and he also put me in a group where they always write and I get hundreds of notifications. Albert? Yes, I heard him too, I heard him some time ago because he had to spend some evenings and he asked me for advice. But I haven’t heard any news from him lately and I saw he’s on vacation.

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Self Patricia He revealed that he had overheard some of Jevini’s, incl Albert DebesisAnd Alienware He admitted that he had lost track of the young finalist Gf vip:

No, I didn’t hear it. Because you know we said to say it all and I have to say this too. We were talking about people disappearing and he was one of them. I don’t feel it, they obviously feel connected, they feel like stars, and therefore they obviously don’t connect, you understand … Am I being sarcastic? What I’m saying is true. One would expect to hear more from certain friends, but that’s okay…

Some are just gone and they don’t even like you, and I always put them down. Hollywood stars. We are in Italy, while they are already making stars. but no problem. I am a woman who does not hold a grudge. Then I hear others instead and we have a good relationship. I hear Luca a lot, and then Gael asks me out.

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