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Immersive experiences for a new way to experience work

Immersive experiences for a new way to experience work

Milan, July 20. (askanews) – 3D viewer for an immersive jaunt that helps to relax or focus, balance stones and objects to free the mind, write ideas and joint projects on chalkboard walls placed at different points of the company. These are some examples of how companies are exploring new frontiers in human resource management to show concern for employees and collaborators and create a positive atmosphere in the workplace. Grenke Italia, a company that specializes in operational leasing of corporate capital goods and services, is experimenting with new activities to provide its employees with extensive well-being.

“It has been a pleasure to host so many of our partners and the companies we support in their daily work – explained Aurelio Agnosi, Country Director of Grenke Italia – and we wanted to create this moment of sharing in which we took the opportunity to share with them our way of thinking about work and workspaces and working together from a partnership perspective.”

Going into specific details, taking advantage of virtual reality, for example, it is possible to take an “alternative” coffee break during which you, together with the viewer, can choose between different settings to experience a moment of relaxation or concentration.

“We’re here to showcase immersive technologies – added Fabio Valeri of Seedble – that help create well-being in the office. We experiment with these technologies precisely because they fit into this office that focuses on the person and his emotional playgrounds. So we allow partners and those who work with Grenke to experiment with these technologies. It is possible to travel and see the birth of work from a tropical island from the city of Boreale, or to move from an island to a tropical area is possible, or to move from an island to a tropical area.

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All experiences created to generate well-being, which can help increase energy to find positivity. Among the activities proposed there is also the balancing of stones. “Stones in the Balance – explained stone balancing expert Andrea Mei – is a system that helps meditation a lot because when you seek balance you no longer think about anything, your mind is emptied of all thoughts and therefore it is a blissful meditation.”

All practices that, in Grenke’s vision, can positively change the way we work and live.