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radio. Even in the USA, car manufacturers no longer install medium wave receivers. Useless in electric cars: too much noise

automatic week: yesAccording to automakers, AM/FM radios are really a waste of money and dashboard space. Added to this is the fact that electric motors interfere with the reception of medium waves, which makes their presence in cars useless. So we have already decided on BMW, Tesla, Volvo and Audi.
last week in predictions for 2023, Scott Painter Executive Director and founder independence (A California company that sells subscriptions to use Tesla Model 3), that in the United States, By 2030, all vehicles on the road will be electric. And without medium wave receivers.

Autoweek and Electric cars without AM

In this regard, journalist Jim Motavalli (a specialist in environmental issues, in particular eco-cars) on 11/22/2022 wrote an article for Autoweek It highlights how radio interference occurs A.m of electric cars is the reason for that BMW Stop including medium wave car radios on the models i3, i4 and iX And the i7 For several years already.

BMW, Tesla, Mercedes, Volvo And the Audi

A decision has already been made Tesla In 2018, along with Mercedes Benz (Mold EQS IV), Volvo And the Audi. And it’s a trend that’s more visible in Europe and it’s not just about electric cars.

After 100 years, it’s time to say goodbye to OMs

For most of the past 100 years, in-car entertainment has been provided by only one option: medium wave.”We read in Motavalli’s article automatic week.


In the 1960s frequency modulation became another option, followed by 8″ stereo players, cassette players, by CDs and finally by smartphones.

Car stereo = waste of money and space

Recently, radio has experienced a decline in listenership due to broadcast competitionsaid Eric Rhodes, President Simplify deployment (editor Radio inkUnited States counterpart nl).

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Indifference to AM listening

“While a lot of radio listening takes place in the car, that doesn’t stop car companies from anticipating that AM/FM reception will eventually disappear from the dashboard.”

Waste of money and space

Car manufacturers already consider a car stereo system a waste of money and space (on the dashboard). And the problem of interference is exacerbated by lack of consideration.

tunein radio electric car dashboard - radio.  Even in the USA, car manufacturers no longer install medium wave receivers.  Useless in electric cars: too much noise

Consumer Reports confirmation

according to Consumer Reportsan American magazine published since 1936 by Consumers Union (a non-profit organization dedicated to a test unbiased on consumer-oriented products, research and advice), and electric motors in electric vehicles.”Tend to generate electromagnetic interference with AM radio“.

BMW: We no longer install OM on our electric cars

for this reason “BMW no longer installs AM radios in its i4, iX, and i7 electric carssaid the district spokesperson product and technology Alexander Schmock.

However, this service is guaranteed by other platforms

After all, we guarantee the use of the radio service through FM, HD Radio, Sirius XM Satellite as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. If a customer wants to listen to an AM radio station, they can choose to do so via services such as TuneIn with Apple CarPlay or Android AutoShmouk said. (EL for NL)