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The miracle shaman of intelligent friendship

The miracle shaman of intelligent friendship

It works like this. to say. Chiara Valerio invites Teresa Ciabatti, who reciprocates by interviewing her on four pages in «7» of the Corriere della Sera, to publish her in the series «Passparola» directed by her for Marsilio, where she hosts, among others, both Carlotta Fagnoli (who speaks with her on l’Espresso and with whom she presents at the Book Fair in Turin) and Michela Murgia (with whom she interviews on l’Espresso and with whom she presents the show Instructions for use at the Teatro Carcano in Milan, whose artistic direction is by Lella Costa, sooner or later published for ” PassaParola”) and Annalisa Di Simone, who in turn invites Chiara Valerio and Teresa Ciabatti to the Italian Pavilion of the Venice Film Festival, the institution with which Chiara Taglieffi works (wife of Nicola Lagioia and friend of the podcast Michela Murgia), and where this year Nadia Terranova was on the jury, while in Radio 3 Chiara Valerio invites Carlotta Fagnoli and Michela Murgia in her column “L’Isola della Sera” Teresa Ciabatti and all together wrote one story for the anthology The New Heroes and another for the anthology The Children I Don’t Want, and they also brought in Nadia Tirano Fa and Loredana Lipperini, and so while they’re in Repubblica and La Stampa, they check each other out – Murgia writes about Ciabatti’s book he’s talking about instead of Valerio’s book interviewed by Lipperini – and then they all write about the books that came out of Solferino, the editorial transmission belt of the left from pen and power, and at the same time they spend a summer week on vacation at the festival of the Italian Cultural Institute in New York and a winter one in Nuvola in Rome for an exhibition of small and medium-sized publishing, but in fact a kind of shadow conference of the Democratic Party, “more books, more freedom ». Hosted by Chiara Valerio.

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The question at this point is: Who is Chiara Valerio?

Originally from Minturno-Scauri, a railway station in the Rome-Formia-Naples department (starting in the province and conquering the city of women, stopping in Trastevere with a Venetian extension in Dorsoduro) for being 44 years old, in fact, she has already done a lot. Maybe too much. She is a mathematician, with a PhD from the Federico II University of Naples on the subject of the calculation of probability, teacher (she considers herself an “excellent product of the Italian school”), writer, journalist, translator, art director and editorial coordinator. Radio presenter, member of the editorial board of the Nuovi Argomenti magazine, works in theatre, directed the series «» for Nottetempo – publishing house of feminism without borders – wrote a film theme by Nani Moretti and directed the film by Gianni Amelio – the great cinema of dining rooms and silence – first edition From the Milan Book Fair, one of the most tragic failures of publishing in Italy, which is why they now entrust her with the Rome Fair. (in the name of the same principle according to which whoever causes the bankruptcy of one newspaper in Italy is promoted to cripple another), he has published twelve books, five of them with Silvio Berlusconi (Enaudi) and today he is editor-in-chief of the Narrative Sector of Marsilio, co-author of Concita De Gregorio, curator of the Rai Radio 3 Ad alto voce program, invited on TV, writes for Vanity Fair, for the monthly magazine Amica, collaborates with l’Espresso, Domani, la Repubblica and print …

Ernst Junger, who died at the age of 102, did fewer things.

But what is Chiara Valerio? For Mario Desiati, laureate of the Strega Prize, her friend who, like herself, has found in gender fluidity a means to interpret the zeitgeist, to make an action, Chiara Valerio is the most brilliant mind in Italian culture (I wrote this in il Post, the online newspaper known for the lightness that passes has the pieces), and for Sole24Ore, another publication he has worked with in the past, “he is one of the most secretively influential people of his generation.”

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Here, the correct word is “influential.” In fact, an influential personal promotion.

The female avatar of Walter Veltroni, the cusp of Roman intellectual friendship projected on a patriotic scale, Chiara Valerio’s aesthetics of tunic, Jansenist outfit, divinity student’s spectacles and very adept at socializing – over the years, she has occupied every decade of cultural communication on the minimalist facsimile of the axis of the Indian nation – New topics Nicola Lagioia Radio 3 – Repubblica Einaudi Today she is the Shaman of Pontine Riff, Priestess of the Great Church who goes from Che Guevara to her friend Teresa, passing through Paolo Repetti and the arrival of Sandra Petrignani in Propaganda Live and moving to Einaudi, despite Berlusconi.

If the Roman left is the living room of Italian culture, Chiara Valerio’s inner circle is hers. His guests “More books, more books”, where if they accidentally invite a right-wing writer, the euro will collapse: Roberto Saviano, Lisa Ginzburg, Carlotta Vagnoli, Nicola Lagioia, Eduardo Albinati, Zerocal Care, Ascanio Celestini, Michela Murgia, Zorro, Gipi , Fumettibrutti, Elly Schlein who is the political equivalent of Chiara Valerio, Lesbo is awesome, pi-Greek and zero kilometers do good – Teresa Ciabatti, Nadia Terranova, Igiaba Scego, Monica Cirinnà, Miguel Gotor, Ginevra Bompiani, Valeria Parrella, Marino Sinibaldi, Loredana Liberini , Jonathan Pazzi, Viola Ardone and above all Paolo Di Paolo, Di Paolo, Di Paolo, Di Paolo, Di Paolo Tutlari, The Divine: Serena Dandini.

Cristian Raimo has at least maintained an intellectual coherence in his radicalism, while Chiara Taglifiri seems happier with her hair dryer than any ideological political choice.

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Because friendships and the loot system are not good on the right, but on the left they are an axiom. Mathematics is politics. But politics, this is the world of mathematics, opens all doors, festivals, newspapers, talk shows, exhibitions, awards, soap operas

As my Spritz friend at Select says, “Once Schwrittori only looked at their navels, today at their I-navels.” Offbeat look, expert, second choice third world and ioio novels.

Chiara Valerio directs introductions. Signed editorials by Chiara Valerio. Chiara Valerio on a courtesy visit to the set of Nanni Moretti. Chiara Valerio presents Gian Arturo Ferrari. Chiara Valerio defends Saviano’s defender, Murgia. Chiara Valerio cited Ms. Oscar as a key to understanding Pasolini’s revelations of homosexuality (sic), “Chiara Valerio remembers Patrizia Cavalli”, Chiara Valerio Guest of Maxxi’s Starry Night – No Event is Missing Under the Roman Sky – Guest of Chiara Valerio in Positano, Guest of the Festival Philosophy, guest at Romaeuropa, guest at Auditorium with Serena Dandini, guest at Readers’ Club with Mario Calabresi

If there is a festival in Italy included in the attendance fee, the calculation of probability indicates that Chiara Valerio will be present.

Gin and tonic, abuse of symbols on Instagram, hubris disguised as empathy and Virginia Woolf’s journey to the lighthouse. Viola Ardoni gets where Nadia Terranova can’t. Where Murgia doesn’t arrive, Chiara Valerio does.

And now excuse me, we are going to re-read the article in il Post in which Chiara Valerio and Mario Desiati talked about how – they – are cultured and intelligent. “A true picture of friendship.” And above all from the Italian intelligentsia.