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Curious about who Stash is?  Age, Career, Biography, Girlfriend, Kids & Children

Curious about who Stash is? Age, Career, Biography, Girlfriend, Kids & Children

Stash has mastered both stage and life, and new details are always emerging from it. We take you on a journey through his life, from The Kolors to Personal Success!

A charismatic and irreverent figure who has carved out a place for herself on the platform of gossip’s hottest young talent. Stash of The Kolors, who transformed the Amici di Maria De Filippi into a stage for its retro-flavored performances, rose to prominence in 2017. When his artistic greatness was first recognized, he also found himself kind and thoughtful, especially towards Giulia and her people. two kids. Who is Stash really? We’ll find out.

Who is Stash: the biography

Antonio Stash Fiordespino chose to be known by the public as Stash. As decisive as his sharp stage presence, he managed to become a true star in just one season of Amici (2014-2015). Born with the surname Antonio Stache Fiordespino, he chose only a few letters as his pseudonym. He started out as the leader of an up-and-coming band, The Kolors, on the TV stage before growing into more than just a frontman.

Born on July 7, 1989 under the sign of Cancer, he pursued his interest in music early on. She continued to live her dream, but with pressure to explore the universe outside of the warm and hospitable family. He then moved to London to improve his English, and later to Milan to hone his craft. Umberto Fiordespino, his father, owned a recording studio in Naples, where the most famous Italian artists recorded. One of these is Pino Daniele. Stash’s funny looks, the circumstances of his one-way journey to fame, and his passion for music legends like Michael Jackson, Queen, and Pink Floyd all seem to be signs of his passion for music. In addition to The Kolors, Alex Fiordispino is also part of the band: Cousin! Frida’s song was performed at the Sanremo Music Festival 2018 with the line-up.

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Stash’s private life

In 2017, fashion journalist Carmen Fiorentino ended a very important relationship with Stash, which lasted 10 years. Since then, rumors about his possible connections have haunted women in the entertainment world. First of all, Giverna Lambruschi (Niccolò Pettarini’s ex-girlfriend and former suitor to men and women) Anna Tatangelo was another woman he was linked to. Gigi D’Alessio, who immediately denied being accused of having a relationship with Anna Tatangelo other than a deep and fraternal friendship, denied that he had anything to do with the singer. Later, in the same year, Gigi and Julia Belmonte, Tronista and Miss Abruzzo get engaged. On December 3, 2020, we announced the birth of Grace. On April 22, 2022, Julia and Stash announced their second pregnancy. Imagine you were born on August 4, 2022, for the happiness of parents.

Who is Stash’s girlfriend, Julia Belmonte?

Born in 1995, Giulia Belmonte was crowned Miss Abruzzo in 2013, and competed in the Miss Italy pageant three years later. In addition to being a model and influencer, she is also a journalist. In addition to his work at Telenova in Lombardy, he studies communication sciences and works at Novastadio, a format dealing with sports. Her pregnancy was reported on Instagram and we can assume that Stash, her son, has been born. Antonio’s middle name is Stash, most likely inspired by Pink Floyd’s Money (have that money in both hands and make a stash!), his father’s favorite band. In addition to music, he has different interests, including sports and the sea. Stash has a great relationship with his fans, who regularly post his daily experiences on his Instagram profile.

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Where Stash lives

In Milan, Stash worked with his band on an ambitious musical project while studying painting at the Academy of Brera. At the same time, he studies new technologies. Next stop was London, but then he returned to Lombardy. The three lived for a short time in different homes before they moved into an apartment on Navigli. Friends brought them together, and apparently…the lady who rented them the loft was rooting for them! Today he lives in Milan with his family, even if he often travels to the States.

How much does Stash earn?

We don’t know exactly how much Stash’s assets are, but if we look at the amount of records sold by his band, we can definitely assume that it’s a good number. second studio album, Outsidehas sold over 200,000 copies, making it four disco times From Platinum. In December 2021, he stunned his followers with a video of him lovingly serenading his daughter, Grace. was too Actor’s voice From the animated movie on Netflix Alive.