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Quirinale, a possible home vote for the positive

Quirinale, a possible home vote for the positive

Voting at home for the positive and isolated, As is already the case during the administrative and political elections, most recently the by-elections took place at the college in Rome 1 last Sunday. The definitive possible solution to prevent large voters from being affected by Govt disease, May eventually be about fifty, will not be able to take part in the vote for the next president of the Republic.

However, as emerged from last night’s conference of chamber committee chairs, the first is in favor of finding a way to protect the Plenum, while the second is strongly opposed by many constitutionalists.

There are three hypotheses in the table, however not all of them are really possible. The first is remote voting, for which a system without a senate and chamber must be set up and not be ready in a few days.

Another possibility is to create a temporary seat where the positive can vote. And in this case there is no dearth of obstacles to overcome, and above all it would not be sufficient to seek a policy called self-declaration, but state rules would be required to regulate the movement of the seat and the return. Interested parties.

There is voting at home. In this case, no specific rules are required or required to obtain specific approvals from the technical-scientific advisory framework operating in the Senate and Chamber. First, the circular issued last Friday would positively allow and regulate even more inter-regional rotation. When they reach the city of Rome they must indicate the place of polling, as has already happened during the administrative and political elections for voters who are already unable to go to the polls.

Naturally, the Council of Rules of the Room should in any case prepare a regulation to establish concrete mechanisms for implementing this practice. However, a decision that first requires a blocking green light from the political forces is far from over at this time with almost unanimous agreement.

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