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"The deceivers of the world are twice as rich as the plague"

“The deceivers of the world are twice as rich as the plague”

13 Italians have entered Forbes rich list. However, Govt said worsening economic inequalities were pushing 163 million people into poverty

Revenue from Amazon and Bezos – The “Inequality Epidemic” report attests to Amazon’s number one Jeff Bezos alone, one of the companies that started turnover through Covid, with a “capital surplus” of $ 81.5 billion in the first 21 months of the epidemic. Dollars equals the estimated cost of vaccination (two doses and boosters) for the global population as a whole.

Women are the most affected – On the contrary, the epidemic has hit women hard, they lost $ 800 billion in income by 2020 and it is harder than men to recover pre-Govt employment levels.

Great medicine – Most of the trillions pumped by central banks in the anti-crisis process – Gabriela Butcher, director of Oxfam International – ended up in the pockets of millionaires. Poor countries, another “winner” Big Pharma: Pfizer, Bioendech and Moderna have made “a thousand dollars per second” profit.

Thirteen more Italians on the list of super rich – By the end of 2020 the wealth of 5% of Italians was more than 80% of the poor. Between March 2020 and November 2021, the number of Italian millionaires on the Forbes list increased by 13 and at the end of last November the wealth of the super-rich increased by 56% to 185 billion euros.