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PS5 console exclusive delayed to 2022 -

PS5 console exclusive delayed to 2022 –

Goodbye high volcano It may not be the most famous game in the world but it is one of the indie games that, in one way or another, attracted the most attention during the famous premiere event of PS5, so it is remarkable that it was postponed until 2022.

Goodbye Volcano High had a very special graphic style drawn in 2D, that stood out for the fact that high school teens had emotional and social themes but were portrayed as grotesque. anthropomorphic creaturesIt seems to be an adventure based strongly on the narrative.

The KO-OP development team reported that Goodbye Volcano High will not launch in 2021 and has been postponed to 2022, mainly due to reasons related to social distancing imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the official statement. from developers.

From this we also learn that the team has made a file “Narrativo restart” by Goodbye Volcano High, so he put his hand very hard on the date to modify it significantly, which clearly contributed to the lengthening of the business and this postponement to next year.

The game should be kind of narrative adventure Which tells the story of Fang, a student and musician in his last year of school who has to face many changes in his life with his friends.

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