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Twitch, someone started a fire in Amoranth's house -

Twitch, someone started a fire in Amoranth’s house –

someone has set fire to Kaitlin’s house”Amouranth“Siragusa, one of the musical banners Twitch Most viewed in the world. The story of what happened came from herself, who, speaking of a possible arson fire, was born in the area where she keeps litter boxes.

Suspected that it is not a file shooting Spontaneously or accidentally, it was immediately the police themselves who reconstruct the dynamics of the facts by watching the videos recorded by the security cameras of the sign neighbors.

Amouranth also said that this isn’t the first time something similar has happened to her, a little over a month ago, on the Fourth of July festivities, a person was banned before they could set off fireworks in her house.

Unfortunately, Amouranth has long been the victim of several “jokes” from Twitch, such as swiping (sending SWAT teams to the home of someone who anonymously reports non-existent crimes), which prompted her to create a security password with system forces to clarify whether There was a real danger in progress and when it would be a hoax.

Amouranth is a beloved streamer and at the same time highly hated for its catchy contents, which did not make her lack bans and criticism. Despite this, he continues to amass followers and successes, as he manages to earn millions of dollars every year.