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New GPUs Can Support 16K HDR With DisplayPort 2.0 -

New GPUs Can Support 16K HDR With DisplayPort 2.0 –

AMD RDNA 3, the next generation of GPU From the manufacturer, it is still far away and there is no very accurate official news, but the information that is leaking speaks of a huge evolutionary leap that could lead, for example, to support the solution 16K with HDR via DisplayPort 2.0.

According to some clues found by Phoronix within six new revision Released by AMD for Linux drivers, there are some hints about future DisplayPort 2.0 support for RDNA 3, which will pave the way for more advanced video specifications than currently in use.

the to set From the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) the DisplayPort 2.0 standard talks about a data bandwidth of 19.34 Gbps through four channels, for a total of 77.37 Gbps. That’s about three times the bandwidth that DisplayPort 1.4a currently uses, and 61% more than HDMI 2.1 with 48 Gbps.

On a theoretical level, one such data range It should allow 8K @ 60Hz with HDR or 10K @ 60Hz without compression. By adding Display Stream Compression (DSC), it will be possible to get 16K at 60Hz HDR in 4:4:4 format. However, these are just guesses: it is not certain that AMD RDNA 3 GPUs can actually access such The flow of data, but at least the next generation cap is very high.

At the moment, the first information on RDNA 3 has talked about a Navi 33 GPU with 80 CU and 5120 cores, as well as strange rumors, which have become a kind of meme, about the alleged RDNA 3 features present in the PS5.

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