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Programmers don’t want you to know, but this trick restores your computer to new condition: goodbye useless data

Programmers don’t want you to know, but this trick restores your computer to new condition: goodbye useless data

There’s a trick for your computer that will make it look like new again in seconds. So say goodbye to hundreds of useless data.

The personal computer has been one of the essential tools in the homes of millions of Italians for years. Whether for work, entertainment, gaming or many other tasks, having a powerful, high-performance computer has become essential to ensure that everyone feels satisfied and able to carry out their main activities without problems.

Computer like new? You can with this trick –

It is often believed that, if after a certain period of time, Your computer starts slow or causes problems, It’s time to change it. But in reality this is not the case, because there is a condemning factor that we tend to underestimate: Occupied memory This phenomenon is often due to the presence of useless files hiding inside the hard disk that we do not even know about. Track this Quick and easy trickWith it, you can make your computer look like new again.

PC Like New: Using this trick, you can get rid of useless data

If you want to make your computer look like new again, You should definitely follow this quick trick. These are some convenient steps that should be followed directly with Windows, to ensure that a window appears in which you can see all the useless files saved on the hard disk that are occupying a lot of space and of course Slow down the performance of the computer itself. By following all the steps, you will get everything back like new!

How to free up useful memory on your home computer
This saves a lot of space on your computer –

First, turn on your computer and log in with your profile. From the Home page, press the key combination Windows + R Using the keyboard, as if by magic, a screen will open where you can enter strings of code. just write com. cleanmgr And that’s it. Windows will give you the opportunity to access a convenient feature that is only seemingly hidden With a summary of all saved files.

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Here you can select everything you don’t need, including old downloads, files you’ve never deleted before, programs, etc. Then press “Delete” and everything will be removed in just a few moments. You may not believe it, but there are dozens of gigabytes that may be taking up your available space without you even knowing it. This will slow down the overall performance of the device. With a little cleaning the problem will be solved Your computer will work like new again.