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How to move from iOS 17 to iOS 16 if you encounter errors after the update

How to move from iOS 17 to iOS 16 if you encounter errors after the update

iOS 17 has been released in the past few weeks, and it is displaying several annoying bugs. Here’s how to get back to iOS 16 from your iPhone.

For a few weeks now, all owners of the latest generation iPhone Can be upgraded to iOS 17. Apple’s new operating system brings with it some interesting new features. Like the smart AirDrop enabled by placing one device on top of another, or the ability to send real-time updates to other people when you’re not home. Without forgetting the new comfort mode by placing the device horizontally and supporting it firmly, with a large clock and some customizable widgets.

How to go back from iOS 17 to iOS 16 –

However, as often happens in these cases, they begin to appear a few days after their launch Mistakes and first errors Which will then have repercussions on the daily use of your smartphone. If you also notice several issues in iOS 17, You might consider going back to iOS 16 (At least for now). Waiting for Apple to resolve all the errors so you can re-update permanently. Here’s how to get back to iOS 16, all you need are a few simple steps.

Moving from iOS 17 to iOS 16, here’s what you need to do

If iOS 17 doesn’t satisfy you yet but is actually giving you issues with constant bugs and bugs, it’s the best option This may be to temporarily revert to iOS 16. It’s not impossible, actually. All you have to do is follow these quick and simple steps to solve everything, and in a few minutes you can go back to using your iPhone with the old system software.

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How to go back to iOS 16 using your iPhone, follow this guide
From iOS 17 to iOS 16, steps to follow –

Get a computer and Download the UltFone app. At this point, install and launch the downgrade tool, after connecting your iPhone and selecting the option to upgrade/downgrade iOS version of the software. Click Downgrade and reconfirm everything, choosing the Custom option. At this point, just wait a few minutes, Until the appropriate firmware is created The actual transformation has begun. Within a few minutes, the program will remove iOS 17 from your iPhone and reinstall iOS 16.

You can also consider Use iTunes directly. Connect your iPhone to the computer and put it in recovery mode. Then open Apple IPSW download page On the browser and download the iOS 16 firmware. Now from iTunes, click on the Restore iPhone item in the left column while holding down the Shift key on the keyboard.

Select the recovery option on the screen Then choose the firmware you installed. You will see that within a few seconds, iTunes will start downgrading the operating system. Before any operation, we recommend a Back up your data To make sure that you will not lose anything after the update.