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Pro-Pepe Grillo dictatorship: "Cuba opposes!"  / "Revolutionary Guarantee": Blog Vs EU-USA

Pro-Pepe Grillo dictatorship: “Cuba opposes!” / “Revolutionary Guarantee”: Blog Vs EU-USA

This is the most recent “There was silence in the M5s home, Along with the appointed chairman with a lot of presentations yesterday with much fanfare of the new law Giuseppe Conte: While the Drake government is still trying to understand how to restore balance in relations with the movement, Pepe Grillo If it comes out Blog Free Betto with a Letter, Liberation theologian, Brazilian writer and politician. Central theme Cuba And the events of these days Decisively pro-communist regime position And with multiple attacks in both the EU and the United States.

In short, a Cricket “CastroThis legally excludes itself from the majority of the Troika government in and against NATO The dictatorship of the last sixty years in Cuba: Unlike what has already happened in the past China and Venezuela, ‘Butachlero’ 5 Stelle movement (Alla Grillo, Allah Written by Batista, To Toninelli) They also take sides against the same diplomatic tax of the government of which they are still a member. “Cuba opposesIs the title Letter shared by Guarantee M5s, Written by a liberation theologian defending the Havana regime from street protests in recent weeks. Betto is an adviser to the Cuban government on the implementation of the Food Sovereignty and Food Education Plan, and says he knows the events in Cuba very closely, regardless of Western hypotheses. Independent rule, Instead giving the United States full responsibility for the deepening economic and social crisisProhibited by the Kennedy Presidency.

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Is “Castrista” the problem for the Grillo government?

«The Revolution This will guarantee you three basic human rights – Peto writes again on Grillo’s blog – Food, health and education, as well as home and workCuba’s internal crisis is nothing more than a problem for the communist government, but its daughter U.S. sanctions were tightened by Trump And international pressures. “They have created a weakness that gives itself to expressions of dissatisfaction, Without stopping troops or tanks on government streets. The regression of the Cuban people triggered by such examples Marte, Che Guevara and Fidel, Proved to be invincible. She is responsible for the unity of all of us who fight for a better worldLetter written by the liberation theologian quoting the recent public speech of the new Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Colonel. In full opposition to many international events (including Italy) Cuban Communist Dictatorship, Grillo pages with Havana and so on Against the official position of the United States, NATO and the European Union: A big problem like two pentostellati De Mio, Italian Foreign Minister, e Conte, Former Prime Minister and next 5 Stelle political leader. Note Carlo Fidanza, Representatives of the Italian Brothers in the European Parliament and Georgia Melloni’s Foreign Leader: “Very serious! Pepe Grillo defends the Cuban communist regime and praises the Castro revolution in his blog. Grillo reveals to the foreign minister the political power that still guarantees. What does Luigi de Mayo think? Is this your position on the most severe repression going on in Cuba and the position of the Italian government? Di Mio distances himself from Grillo or, in order to remain, resigns.

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