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Green Pass in Italy is “mandatory”, here are the problems to be solved – Chronicle

MILAN – The holiday horizon is approaching, but it is no longer as rosy as expected. If the epidemic recurred after August last summer, this year’s infections are registering a slow but steady increase despite vaccinations (The. Govt Bulletin Today 3,127 new cases and 3 deaths). The goal of the government Italy is all white At least until August 15, for this reason, as expected Minister Roberto Speranza says “hospitalization is overweight”. With the improvement of the current parameters and the delta variance, in fact, is different Areas at risk of entering the yellow zone. Meanwhile, in Italy the The first micro red areas. Next week will be decisive: The New anti-Govt With one Extended green bass And very strict in the French model. The position of the majority on the use of vaccines and green certification is still a long way off, but the government is working to reach an agreement on expanding the mandatory nature of the pass. Between tomorrow and Tuesday the Technical Science Committee will give its indications, after which Prime Minister Mario Draghi will convene and organize the control room. Finally, the Council of Ministers can go from Thursday to Friday

The first tip is about being introduced in Italy, as it already is in EuropeDouble dose duty Vaccine to get the green pass. The possibility of obtaining a green certificate 15 days after the administration of the first dose is not yet expected. Since many Italians have already booked their vacations outside the region, a dose is administered believing that the “local pass” is valid. The Italian solution may come from the duty of the double buffer, at the beginning and at the arrival, to those who do not take the second dose. But that’s not all. Many report not being able to get certified even after completing the vaccination cycle.

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Then there is Covit’s paradox is healed, Who needs only one dose of vaccine, but that is why They can’t get the green pass. “I live in Giovanni Rome, but I’m in temporary assistance in the Campania region – A reader writes – This is my situation: First swap positive result 9.11.2020, negative fabric became certified recovery from 15.11.2020, Govt 15.11.2020, single dose vaccine certificate as per Ministry order 30.4.2021. Never received a Green Pass, I have been writing to [email protected] since June 28th, and as soon as I received a response, they pointed out that the healing certificate was not available in the health card system, ASL NA 1 entered on 8.7.2021, after which I have been [email protected] every day I write to .it, but no answers, I do not have green pass, I sent pec to [email protected] and [email protected] Because the anomaly is obvious, but there is no answer here either. I take the damage, I already have Canceled an already scheduled trip If Italy accepts the restrictions, services will not be available: bars, restaurants, cinemas, transportation. “Giovanni is not an isolated case. Maria Christina writes for To tell his Odyssey: “On 31/5/2021, I went to the Unipol Arena Center in Casaleccio di Reno to be vaccinated. Received, in which it appears that I took only one of the two scheduled doses.In practice, my green pass is not valid because the vaccine is incomplete and I have not been provided with any document certifying that I do not need a second dose.The toll free numbers I contacted did not respond, only yesterday, I was able to speak with the n1500. , They told me that There are a lot of people in my situation And problem one System failure It does not properly record me and others who have the same problem as me. How do you solve this mess that is currently not allowing me to go abroad and in the future, and further control my social life? “

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Green pass in public places and on traffic lanes

The government is working to make the Green Pass mandatory Public places where meetings are at risk, So are theaters, concerts, exhibitions, dance clubs, cinemas, theaters and gyms, but also indoor bars and restaurants, banquets, banquets and festivals. Not only that, with the possibility of an increase in infections and a return to the yellow zone of some regions, a green certificate may also be required. To take Transport Equipment: Long-distance trains, but ships and planes. However, requesting them on buses, trams and subways seems to be currently excluded. But the epidemiological curve does not exclude the need for green certification for city vehicles if it records an upsurge in September.

Sanctions: Who is at risk (what)

The green pass must be displayed at public entrances (long distance trains, ships, planes) at the entrance of crowded places / premises or where required. Failure to comply with the rules will result in higher fines being considered: Customers were fined 400 euros and the premises were closed for five days. The fine will be reduced to 260 euros if paid within the fifth day. But he did not compromise on the title of Italy’s brothers: “The measures – to overthrow President Georgia Meloni – have not already met enough restrictions in a year and a half? As for the government, no. After all, what does it ever do is reduce the shutters for 5 days if there are customers without a green pass”.

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