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Walmart has to pay $ 125 million

Walmart has to pay $ 125 million

He will have to pay $ 125 million in compensation for firing his own employee due to Down syndrome. A historic sentence from the United States against a multinational Walmart accused of discriminating against women because they are disabled. “Discrimination due to disability is unacceptable in the workplace in our country”, the Commission for Equal Employment said.


According to judges in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Walmart violated thatDisability Act (ADA), which prohibits discrimination on the basis of an employee’s disability, for which a sum of 125,150,000 must be paid to the United States Equal Employment Commission (EEOC).

The American company fired its employees in July 2015, Marlowe Spot, Suffering Down syndrome. In fact, the woman, after 16 years of work at the company, is said to have abruptly changed work or hours, which she was unable to follow accurately due to her disability. Despite doing this, the woman was told that it was not possible because there had been a change in plans to meet the needs of the clients. At that point, the employee was fired, and he continued to receive positive reviews from his managers for 16 years.

The woman asked to be re-hired from the company, however, as the judges pointed out, it was precisely denied because of her disability. An act that violates the American Disability Act (ADA) and it led the EOC to file a lawsuit against the American company. Marlowe Spade will receive 150 150,000 in compensation for compensable damages and 125 125 million in punishable damages. “The arbitration award sends a strong message to employers that disability discrimination in the workplace in our country is unacceptable,” said EEOC President Charlotte A. Burrows said.

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