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Prince Harry has a “wellness” team in California

Prince Harry has a “wellness” team in California


Here is Harry’s team of doctors

Prince Harry’s wife tried to introduce the Duke of Sussex to the world of American health, which led him to discover alternative health treatments such as the soothing patches he was seen wearing, as Oak Magazine revealed. In California, King Charles’ son can count on a team of experts who take care of making him feel better. Harry is so aware of the benefits his teachers and mental coaches provide him that he includes them in acknowledgments in his autobiography Spear. “Thank you to all the professionals, medical experts and coaches who have kept me physically and mentally strong over the years,” the prince wrote. However, a doctor from the UK, who touted a change in his mental health, added: ‘Special thanks to my British therapist for helping me sort through years of unresolved trauma.’

Prince Harry’s pain

To treat chronic back pain, Prince Harry relies on chiropractor Eric Goodman, and for his general physical health he turns to Kevin English, while to reduce stress and anxiety he turns to energy healer, John Amaral, the same one praised by actress Gwyneth. Paltrow. The Duke of Sussex’s physiotherapist is Esther Lee, who has also worked with American tennis legend Serena Williams, is also a close friend of Meghan Markle and may have been the one who introduced Harry to him. It is clear that Prince Harry’s “luxury” team could not be without a personal trainer: Winston Squire specializes in boxing, of which the Duke is known to be a fan, and has worked in the past with polo teams, a sport that the King’s son Charles practiced in the United States. Finally, acupuncture may have been used to treat pain, as the Duchess thanked Ross Parr for his migraine treatments. “I have been a believer in acupuncture for a long time,” Markle said. “I suffered from debilitating migraines (I was hospitalized for this reason), and acupuncture and Eastern medicine have radically changed me, making my life better.”

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Prince Harry is looking for a house in London

Prince Harry left England three years ago after stepping down as a member of the royal family and traveled to America to start a new life with his wife, Meghan Markle. According to a source from “Okay! Magazine “The Duke of Sussex is now looking for a second home in Great Britain because he would like his family to divide their time between London and California. However, Harry’s idea displeases his wife, who prefers to remain in the United States. “They will not ask the king for ownership in the royal estate because of the problem that I grew up with Frogmore Cottage. The insider said that using a bungalow in Kensington Palace from time to time is not out of the question, but when it comes to a house in the UK, they will buy it themselves.

Harry in court in London

Prince Harry returned to London after King Charles’ coronation, alone without Meghan Markle, to give evidence in court in the trial involving Associated Newspapers Limited, publisher of the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday newspapers. “I hope to put an end to the madness of the press,” the Duke of Sussex told the High Court over the case against the English press accused of illegally gathering information about him.

What do Prince Harry and Meghan Markle do, how do they live, and where do they sleep?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ended up on the TV series “Family Guy,” where they were mocked for doing nothing. The US comedy series showed the Dukes of Sussex lounging by a pool amid ridiculous checks received for doing “nobody knows what” and welfare. In the clip, we see Fela Nabob and notice Harry’s sadness at leaving his life as a member of the royal family in the United Kingdom. In California, William and Meghan’s brother lives in a huge villa in Montecito and takes care of the Archiewell Foundation as well as charitable events.

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