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Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton, hit and shoot

Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton, hit and shoot

No clarification, still tension between them يزال Max Verstappen NS Lewis Hamilton after three days Hungarian Grand Prix. incident Silverstone still argue, and Red Bull File an appeal to 10 seconds penalty Hamilton, by the way, was deemed inappropriate.

And at the press conference, Verstappen returned to the topic, without sparing others Heavy Broadside Against the world champion: “The maneuver he made on Leclerc at the end of the race shows that at that point Bypass can be attempted without making a connection. if you are interested, I even left more space of those left by Charles.”

The Dutchman is still particularly upset with Celebrations on the podium: “When I said that Lack of respect I meant to You don’t party in this world if you push a fellow up against the wall with a 51G effect. It doesn’t seem like a clean way to celebrate, even on the team’s side. Personally, I don’t want to be like this It says all about their condition.”

Lewis Hamilton He answered shortly after, on the matter of the festivities on the podium, and about the maneuver that sent Verstappen to the wall: “I know very well how to handle a bend or overtake someone, so I won’t explain my work further.”

“Celebrations? I don’t have much to add. Like I said before, I didn’t know he was in the hospital. No driver wants to put another driver in danger. Our focus is on the weekend. I called Max and asked him how he was and there was still mutual respect. I have something to add. Plus it was a home race, with a lot of people. These are normal feelings and I won’t hide my feelings.”

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OMNISPORT | 07-29-2021 20:19

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