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Prime Minister Meloni plays with volleyball players at Palazzo Chigi – News

Prime Minister Meloni plays with volleyball players at Palazzo Chigi – News

At the end of the meeting, immediately after the ritual photo was taken, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni spent a few minutes playing volleyball in the courtyard of the Chigi Palace. Some dribbles in the circle with the players present and this year's European Cup champions: Imoko Conegliano, Allianz Ferro Vole Milano, Reale Mutua Venera Chieri and Igor Gorgonzola Novara. The Prime Minister received signed jerseys and balls while Meloni signed a tri-colour ball which was then given to the UEFA Women's Champions League finalists.

video Prime Minister Meloni plays with volleyball players at Palazzo Chigi

“A beautiful festive atmosphere, not only for volleyball. Prime Minister Meloni has a great passion for this sport, she has always said that. In fact, she will come to Paris to visit us and in the program of disciplines she would like to see there are definitely volleyball and rhythmic gymnastics.” This was stated by Giovanni Malago, President of Kony, as he left the Chigi Palace after the Women's Volleyball Association's meeting with the Prime Minister which was also attended by the Minister of Sports and Youth, Andrea Abudi.

“It was a sentiment at Government House, the Prime Minister recognized what we consider to be another Italian franchise, which is women's volleyball, which has now been at the top of Europe for some time and this year has won all three European Cups.” This was stated by Mauro Fabrice, President of the Women's Volleyball Federation, to the Italian news agency ANSA, as he left the meeting at the Chigi Palace. “We asked the Prime Minister to remember that for sports the criterion of subordination must be applied, that is, to take into account that these four teams that were here today have about 400 sponsors and real estate investments – he added – and it is an existing movement “with own resources, so we only ask that Providing credit for sports sponsorship, a rule introduced in the time of Covid that has worked very well. The country will not lose a single euro and will generate an economy.” Finally, a joke about the exchanges between the volleyball players and Meloni in the courtyard of P. Chigi: “Meanwhile, the Prime Minister cursed the fact that this rule had not been introduced after he stopped playing in his youth, that is, the rule that It states: “The height of a freestyle player must be more accessible to a person than a girl’s height. He said that if he had been there, he would have had a future as a volleyball player. However, Bagger did it very well, and did not attempt a dunk. “

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni received at Palazzo Chigi a representative of the four women's volleyball teams in this year's European Cups, namely Imoco Conegliano, Allianz Ferro Vole Milano, Real Mutua Venera Chieri and Igor Gorgonzola Novara. Also participating in the meeting are the President and General Secretary of CONI, Giovanni Malago and Carlo Mornati, the President and General Secretary of Federvolley, Giuseppe Manfredi and Stefano Belotti, the President and General Director of the Women's Volleyball League Serie A, Mauro Fabrice and Enzo Barbaro.

Reale Mutua Fenera Chieri '76 is represented by president Filippo Vergnano, owner Lucio Zanon, coach Giulio Cesare Bregoli, and players Kaja Grobelna and Ophelia Malinov. For Imoco Volley Conegliano, there is president Piero Garbelotto, coach Daniele Santarelli, captain Joanna Vološ and Monica Di Gennaro. The Allianz Ferro Vole Milano team includes federation president Alessandra Marzari, sporting director Claudio Bonatti, coach Marco Gasparri, and players Myriam Sela and Paola Egogno. Finally, Igor Gorgonzola Novara, field sponsor Fabio Leonardi, sporting director Enrico Marchionne, coach Lorenzo Bernardi, captain Cristina Chiricella and Anna Danesi at Palazzo Chigi.

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