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I will make history in Palermo: Pirlo warns his opponents

I will make history in Palermo: Pirlo warns his opponents

Pirlo is in Palermo to make history. The Sampdoria coach is looking forward to his next challenge and is aiming for a record-breaking Rosanero.

With 4 consecutive wins Sampdoria on Pirlo He flies. The team that has found its strength in recent weeks thanks to the former Juventus, which now – if it was 15 points away before – even threatens sixth place for the Rosanero. On Saturday, in the best period for the blue circle and perhaps the worst for Palermo, comes the direct clash that could say a lot about the ambitions of Genoa and the state of Palermo.

The Sicilians are newly up to the challenge Change coach, a scenario that often gives players a push in the first matches – to try harder – but it is also dangerous. Sampdoria is a well-established team, and in the last 4 matches they have regained 9 points from the Rosanero.

the Defeat of PisaThat, which cost Corini his place on the bench, may have given the players the necessary shock, who will now have to deal with a very enthusiastic Sampdoria. So Barbera's game is already on Saturday Decisive.

Pirlo in Palermo for the record: extra incentive

Nobody to Palermo He hoped to start the race with Sampdoria It was going to be a straight fight for sixth and seventh place. However, a terrible March, which was worse than February, took the Rosaneros to the bottom of the playoffs.

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Moreover, Pirlo wants to give his personal best, by beating Favorita, given that he will be the only Sampdoria coach to win five consecutive matches in Serie B. This year they have already equaled the previous title holder with four straight victories. They are Ventura, Bernardini and Iachini. Moreover, if Sampdoria wins, the difference between Palermo and sixth place will be just 3 points, compared to 15 points at the beginning of March. Extra incentive for Pirlo, who wants to try to catch the Rossanero before the final race.

Pisa-Palermo/ Source: LaPresse –

Sampdoria, a tough opponent even in a playoff situation

It's impossible to predict how this regular season will end — to use a basketball term. What is certain at this moment is that Sampdoria is aggressively seeking a place in the tournament He clears his throatat least in the quarter-finals, which, given its history and coat of arms, could represent a very “unlikable” opponent in the direct elimination stages.

Palermo will have to try Push opponents down Also in the standings to avoid possible transfers in the playoffs. Saturday's challenge is a heavy one, with 7 days left until the end of the season.