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Poste Italiane: With SPID you get access to a unique feature for free

SPID is indeed a useful tool in itself, especially if you need to access documents or files located in the portals of public administrations. With Poste Italiane, the public digital identity system can be used to request an innovative service.

PostePay Digital is a reloadable virtual card that can be obtained absolutely free and quickly, if you have a SPID, a few clicks are enough to enjoy great unique benefits. PostePay Digital works just like other rechargeable types, in fact it can be used in physical stores and online stores.

There is certainly no shortage of incentives to use digital payments, despite the choice of the Meloni government that will allow you to pay for products and services in cash with a value not exceeding 5 thousand euros. The advantages of digital payments, which can be made directly via a smartphone, are still very attractive.

It is now known that Poste Italiane does not only provide postal services, the company now also specializes in banking, prepaid cards, investment services, telephony and even insurance. Offered to all Poste Italiane clients, this novelty can guarantee simplicity of payments and immediacy of money transfer.

With PostePay Digital, you will also receive a cashback of up to 3 € for each transaction of at least 10 € in participating stores and will be able to transfer money to people such as friends, colleagues, family or physical stores, by paying with a smartphone, through Google Pay or Apple Pay.

How to get PostePay Digital

Postepay Digital can be ordered directly online within a few seconds if you have a SPID, in fact this service will make ordering much faster. Alternatively, you can use the mobile ID and webcam. Through these tools it will be possible to follow the form online while maintaining maximum security of sensitive data.

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During the procedure, you will simply be asked to show your ID and make a short video using your camera or webcam. These steps will be completely eliminated in the case of owning a SPID as it will take very few moments to get your free test card.

To take advantage of the prepaid card, simply download the app on your mobile phone and activate the card via a notification in the app and via email. With Postepay Digital you can pay bills and bills, buy tickets for urban transport and even parking spaces in the blue lines, it is also chargeable with accounts other than the post office, you can transfer money with family and friends