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Agrigento, “2,500 euros for a job in a non-existent NATO base”: Fake roofer scam for 150 unemployed during lockdown


The idea will come by watching Toto’s films, including celebrity films Tototrophduring the full closure From 2020. But maybe not even he, the fake “Cardinal Bishop of Monreale,” thought he could fool a lot of people. however Luciano Montemoro63, from Vavara, could have – according to the prosecutor who requested the indictment – at least cheated. 150 people safe sale Workplace in the alleged NATO base to be built near Punta Biancato Agrigento.

Insisting on secrecy From the process, which therefore cannot get comments on the web or in newspapers, the person who pretended to be Bishop of Monreale (This can be checked instead) Many asked unemployed From his country and neighboring countries to pay 2500 EUR in order to overcome competition Which allowed to work at the so-called NATO base, where obviously people who didn’t do it would work too army. A well-thought-out tool that relies on both secrecy andIllegality of the agreement.

The self-proclaimed bishop – who has nothing to do with the church and is believed to be the head of the alleged criminal association – said he had been in close contact with the defense secretary general, General. Luciano Portolanofrom Agrigento It has absolutely nothing to do with the investigation And ready to act as a civilian party, it was possible – according to what was said by the crook – the future commander of the fictitious NATO military base in Punta Bianca. Beside Montemoro there were two other people out of kanekatowho were responsible for recruiting people and companies who wanted to work and who were willing to pay thousands of euros to achieve the goal.

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The secret was broken by some scammers who talked about this competition to some military friends, who denied everything, and began to complain. there The unemployment And the crisis because of pandemic I persuaded many to trust the three who were being indicted for forming a criminal gang, Forgery And replace person. According to investigators, more than 150 people were defrauded and found the association’s ledger, where names and money were recorded. However, many may be afraid to report what has been done because it will be necessary to accept payment for passing the so-called competition.

In fact, the initial hearing has been postponed because many are asking to appear now civil party. Behind the act of condemnation there was a well-ordered system: in addition to the false names and knowledge which the alleged bishop boasted, fake badges born and maps From the hypothetical base that was shown in top-secret meetings, with which army packages were sealed wax seal stamps And fake contracts On official papers signed by the unemployed looking for work. Seal of trust by A hierarchical system This allowed the same people who paid the sum to pass the competition to hire other unemployed people who are looking for work and willing to pay in order to find a job.


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