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Abolished Tax Records: The procedure that serves those in a difficult situation


The Meloni government cancels tax bills up to 1,000 euros. According to the prime minister, the reform provides for “fair taxation with those in difficulty.”

The government intends to agree to a special tax truce, which will end all possible disputes with taxpayers. However, according to the government, this leaves no room for any amnesty.

According to Maurizio Leo, Deputy Minister of Economy, it will Help those who are having difficultythe only possibility that actually cancels the state’s debt is Tax bills of up to one thousand euros.

So let’s make room foranalytics of judgment Which in the next few days will be subject to scrutiny by the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate and sent to Brussels, but Let’s slow downespecially, on me How will it work tax reform Referring to volumes exceeding 1,000 eurosAnd the Along with those that they were Released after December 31, 2015.

Reasons for removing folders with a value of less than one thousand euros

The text of the budget law has not yet been approved, but according to what has been learned from its initial version, Debts with a remaining amount of one thousand euros will be canceled on January 31, 2023.

The debts to be noted, They are those resulting from tax bills issued From January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2015.

start From 2023 So, The payables referred to in that periodbesides ancillary penalties and accrued interest, will be cancelled.

According to the government, the vols Less than one thousand euros for the period from January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2015 It is impossible to recover. The collection costs Derived from the work of the revenue collection agency up to bin 1132 billion eurosand you are still trying to recover the amount owed, Only 6-7% of the total expenditures of the state can be compensated for.

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Extract the folders up to one thousand euros Become So useful Both are for taxpayers in difficulty, Both are for the enterprise collection officer.

What happens to volumes exceeding one thousand euros

Volumes with a value of more than one thousand euros, even if they refer to the same period, They will have to pay their full wages. In addition, prof 3% fine.
However, to facilitate the debt repayment plan, Payment can be deferred over 5 years.

Debts that Council of State Payment folders are not yetAnd the But it will be in 2023, They will have to pay their salaries entirelyand the Punishment On debts to the treasury will be 5%.

However, like vintage bags over 1,000 euros, too balance of new tax bills It could happen in 5 years.

until the folders that no They have been disputed will suffer from it the same treatment, Whereas those who received not a volume but a simple Good-natured notice one will pay 3% fine with the possibility of Installments over 5 years.

What will happen to those who advertise less

Who advertises less For a lower IRPEF, different scenarios alternative.

for who repents In particular, there would be two alternative possibilities:

  1. The first is the CD. “actual repentance”. This method provides for Pay the full amount duebut this has been posted in time Two years And the with a Punishment extra from 5%.
  2. And if you think the taxpayers have sinned And you do not pay, evasion opposition, you can make a Acceptance assessment. This saves Negotiate with taxes Aim to get a quantity reduction You pay to the safe.
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If in this matter Litigation has already been openedYou can access a Good luck judicial.

This would allow the dispute to be closed Pay 90% of the total due to taxes.


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