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Postamat, the suspicious transaction scam on the account that everyone is responsible for, pay attention to these details

Postamat, the suspicious transaction scam on the account that everyone is responsible for, pay attention to these details

Bustamat – TheMagazineTech

During the past 20 years, there are many things that have changed in our daily life, that have affected our lives in a more or less significant way.

Let us think first of the advent of the Internet, which constituted a real point of no return from which we could start with a completely new concept of life. Internet Its subsequent spread throughout the world allowed the emergence of smartphones for example, which in a very few years managed to conquer millions (if not billions, so far) of users spread all over the world.

Another big change is the move to the avatar level Payment systems. In fact, if until a few years ago the use of cash prevailed practically and almost exclusively, today the situation has certainly changed in favor of electronic payment systems, headed respectively by debit and credit cards, possibly linked to a reference current account.

Look into the future

This, among other things, allowed the gods to flourish E-commerce portals Led by Amazon, Mediaworld, Unieuro, Trony, Euronics, etc., which use their own electronic payment systems to fulfill orders by the user. There is no doubt that electronic payments have made life easier, thanks to their ease of use: we also rememberIntroducing NFC chips Compatible with the latest generation of smartphones, which in this case allows you to make payments quickly and easily without even having to swipe your credit card at the merchant’s point of sale.

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Unfortunately, like everything positive, it also has negative effects, in this case represented by a myriad scam That fits the same credit and debit cards, especially online. phishingThis is the name of the frauds perpetrated against the poor poor servants, who… They receive an email or SMS that threatens the security of their computeroften putting their sensitive data at risk.

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Bustamat – TheMagazineTech

Beware of scams

The latest scam of this kind in particular would be of concern postsamatone another Phone calls made by unknown strangers Who order the poor miserable person on duty to go to the nearest Postamat counter as soon as possible, in order to make checks on the so-called abnormal current account movements.

It is clear that illegal behaviourespecially at the expense of the elderly who find themselves deceived by the criminals they target stealing their sensitive data. Always remember that Poste Italiane, like all other Italian banks, uses approved means to communicate with its customers, certainly not through phone calls from anonymous strangers.