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Solar and sea power plant: a renewable turning point

Yes, in China the most exploited renewable energy sources are solar and ocean currents. The idea of ​​directing these two sources to a single power plant was born recently, which was connected to the grid on May 30 in Zhejiang Province. Let’s find out what it is.

Work is an advantage China Energy Investment Corporationone of the giants Energetic From the country that has thought well of introducing a capacity 100 megawatts in total.

Renewable energy: how the plant works

energy systems

The Tides provide 100% renewable energy. The power plant is designed to make these two natural resources work together, the source of the sun and the resource of the sea.

there China Energy Investment Corporation Xinhua News Agency reported that its annual output will exceed 100 million kilowatt-hours, which is enough to meet the annual demand for Electricity for about 30,000 families living in the city.

.’s new idea To channel two renewable energies together It can also save you 31,000 tons of coal, so you can Reduce carbon dioxide emissions approx 85,000 tons per yearCompared to conventional power and coal plants.


The designed system uses inspection techniques for unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with artificial intelligence diagnostic systems. Possible influence on Ecosystems Hydro is still to be verified, but it is clear that Synergistic technology It has the potential to contribute significantly to Reducing the use of fossil energy sources.

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