Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Pope astronomers rewrite the history of the Big Bang


How was the universe born? We all know, to answer this question, the famous question The Big Bang Theory. It’s a fairly well-known theory, although new reinterpretations have been arriving for some time.

This is the case, for example, from what scientists have discovered at the Vatican Astronomical Observatory. In fact, these experts were able to provide an accurate explanation of how gravity works In the first moments Where formed the universe that surrounds us.

The effect of cosmic inflation

It is believed that when the universe was formed, the latter had the potential to expand exponentially, thanks to the presence of a very high density state, which is called cosmic inflation.

The Pope’s astronomers’ research focused on this initial formation precisely and came to surprising conclusions. In fact, they were able to hypothesize that the physical laws that existed at the time the universe was formed could be more complex than what Einstein also mentioned.

Over time, various claims have been made in this regard, such as those based on quantum gravityeven if it is a complex theory, it must be explained on the basis of mathematical models that are difficult to explain.

What the Vatican researchers discovered

On the other hand, researchers of the Vatican Astronomical Observatory were able to prove that the reference to Einstein should not always be taken as a reference point.

They explained in detail what is the limit to which the gravitational force goes to infinity, while the speed of light can go close to zero.

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The scientists who were the architects of this new theory believe that all of this gives us a deeper understanding of the formation of the universe, particularly by giving us new clues to explaining the expansion phase.

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Scientists who have tried their hand at studying this particular formation believe that there were previously some hypotheses that went in this direction and which would have been confirmed by some observations.

The main question lies above all in skeptical of principles Now it is widespread and has proven its existence. New perspectives are opening up, making us understand how new explanations can explain the primordial states of our universe.

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On the other hand, technological and scientific progress also allows us to move to the consideration of other theories, which can explain more aspects of the universe that are not yet fully recognized.


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