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The Busala Space Museum has been officially recognized by the Italian Space Agency

The Busala Space Museum has been officially recognized by the Italian Space Agency

An important tribute to the Bussala Space Festival Society, the Italian Space Agency (ASI) has welcomed him into the club of national organizations running educational and museum initiatives of a space nature. The agreement between ASI and the Association will run for three years, and its objective is to develop a joint medium- and long-term communications strategy for “the promotion of space activities and their inclusion in a broader context, expressly provided for in the agreement.” and interdisciplinary, making science and techniques available to the general public.”

In detail, the Italian Space Agency will provide its archive of photos and films for the Space Festival, as well as the availability of scientific communication and transportation, which will contribute to the creation of useful interdisciplinary materials for the narrative of science, technology and space. Together with various forms of art and knowledge, the Space Museum in Villa Porzino will host dedicated visual and educational tracks, each year, to a specific theme jointly identified by the Association and ASI.

ASI’s confidence in the initiatives of the Space Festival Association has developed over the years, since the first edition of the festival in 2017. The first major museum nucleus was formed in 2019, the fiftieth anniversary of the first moon landing, with a donation from the University of Genoa provided to the municipality of Busala the scientific equipment he used A team of Genoese scientists during the Tethered mission that brought, in 1992, Franco Malerba, the first Italian astronaut and Busallese.

The museum has hosted traveling exhibitions for the Euresis Society on the origins of the universe and the outer planets, and has also developed “in-home” exhibitions on the moon landing and the constrained mission. Finally, last year – on the last day of the Space Festival – it opened the Antola Telescope’s remote operating room and meteor observing station, which is now part of the National Institute of Astrophysics’ Prisma Network.

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The sixth edition of the Space Festival, in which Malerba likes to define himself as “architect”, will take place from 30 June to 3 July, of course in Villa Porzino, to confirm the formula, now tested, which includes exhibitions and meetings and discussions for the most diverse types of audience, from the most knowledgeable enthusiast to the simple, and a wide space is always devoted to themes of space economy.

“I am grateful to ASI for this recognition – comments Franco Malerba – which pays us so much good, encourages us to persevere and comforts our patrons with the quality of the ‘science culture’ initiatives they have allowed us to implement. I like it. Remember that among the space attractions in Villa Porzino is In the wonderful garden there is a corner dedicated to the trees planted by the astronauts who came to tell us about their exploits; this “tree ritual” was opened by Paolo Nespoli in 2019 and others will follow.”

Fabrizio Vazzari, Culture Counsellor at the Municipality of Busella adds: “Our Space Festival is a great way to convey the name of Busala and emphasize that it is a place of cultural activities. From the work done in recent years. Connecting Villa Porzino with the world of space means giving it new strength and restoring attention to its importance. , encouraging the municipal administration to look for solutions to overcome it.This is evidenced by the intention to redevelop the villa through the Green Smart Village project which provides a complete restoration of the kitchens and other rooms on the ground floor to be used as publicly available services, the removal of architectural barriers also through the installation of an elevator, the construction of A rose garden and the construction of two dwellings to be used in social housing on the upper floor.”

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