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Next week, for the first time since Monday, we’ll have an October total; Updates »

Weather: Next week, for the first time since Monday, we’ll have an October total; Updates

Autoprata classic in Italy is comingduring next weekalready as of Monday October 3rd, we will have a fileTotal Autobrata, which will host Italy for the first time!
The beginning of the new month will be marked by an anticyclone with the continuation of African contributions that will strengthen more and more, making us forget about the severe phase of bad weather we have been witnessing since the end of last week.

Taking a look at the entire hemispherical chessboard, the most important news immediately catches the eye. Already since then Sunday 2but above all from Monday, October 3, a large anti-hurricane field Its influence will extend to the entire Mediterranean basin, and at the same time it will attract warmer air, directly from North Africa.

So here we’d have some kind of anti-hybrid cyclone, with the contributions of the Azoreans (from the Atlantic) and subtropics (within the Sahara), just as they usually do during the summer.
The classic will be served on a silver platter October: This term is derived from the traditional Roman holidays that ended the harvest period in October. To celebrate the harvest and the end of hard work, each family organized one Thursday and Sunday A trip out of town (called, specifically, “ottobrata”) and so set off from each area were carts decorated with cow bells, in which the girls (with the group “bellona” on their heads) sat. The rest of the group followed the carriage on foot to its destination.
In other words, from a meteorological point of view, October refers to a period, typical of October, during whichhigh pressure It dominates for several days, causing conditions of atmospheric stability, absence of rain, and a climate that is later in summer than in autumn.

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Throughout the next week, the weather will remain stable and sunny with a report High temperatures; Especially in the center and south and on the two main islands, calorific values ​​can be during hot hours splash towards me 25/26 °C In the city like FlorenceAnd the Rome , Naples and Palermo.
But be careful, given the season, the presence of high pressure does not mean sun and heat for everyone; In fact, due to the lack of wind and moisture in the lower layers of the atmosphere (after the rains of these days), fog Especially in the northern plains and in the valleys of the center. As often happens in October, foggy banks will appear at night and then fade into the early hours of the morning.

Antihybrid (Azurean and African contributions) reinforce the Mediterranean BasinAntihybrid (Azurean and African contributions) reinforce the Mediterranean Basin