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This is how much you should sleep if you are over 40


If you’re over 40, here’s how much sleep we should be getting every night. Let’s find out what the study says together.

Sleep is essential to our well-being. It all depends on the quality of our sleep as well as the quantity. A very important moment in our life It also depends on our physical and mental health.

Let’s dispel the myth that they are enough Eight hours a night to feel rested. After a certain age, other parameters must also be taken into account and may also be sufficient sleep less. In fact, according to a study even Seven hours is the ideal amount of sleep during middle age.

What research has shown about the amount of sleep

Sleep well

The study conducted proved thatThe area of ​​the brain most affected by sleep, because‘hippocampus’It will decrease in size if you sleep a lot and lack of rest.

Special experiments have been carried out On materials over 40 years old It seems that these groups of people who slept only seven hours had positive reactions.

It is important to analyze it sleep interruption really play A very important role for memories and memory. So it is very important even if you sleep a little but to do it well and consistently. Our body does that It really benefits after middle age.

If we sleep little or bad This leads to the formation of large amounts of toxins in our bodies. We are not only tired but anxious, depressed, we are unable to focus.

But what happens if you are too sleepy? The study conducted in the United Kingdom determined that a Hippocampal shrinkage.

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This episode does not benefit our bodies at all Because either too much or too little has to be perfectly balanced To ensure our physical and mental health really benefits from it.

Good sleep is essential, but the quantity and quality of sleep It depends a lot on age An important and decisive factor. After the age of 40, our bodies and their needs begin to change And we must to organize We have a complex organism machine, just with the right sleeping.


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