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Players are complaining about status icons, and it's not clear what their purpose is -

Players are complaining about status icons, and it’s not clear what their purpose is –

elden ring It’s been discontinued a couple of weeks ago, but FromSoftware’s work is so limitless and so full of mystery that it’s likely to be talked about for a long time to come. Here about the “puzzles” there is one that many players do not seem to download, or the person associated with it Effects represented by Status Icons Under Senzaluce’s HP and AP bar.

For starters, in the Elden Ring, equipment, spells casters or consumables, as well as some enemy attacks can activate permanent or temporary positive or negative states, represented in the game interface by various different icons located below the bar state of Senzaluce. The origin of the dispute in this regard is that the game It does not in any way explain the effects Linked to the above icons, not even going into the game menus.

Let’s take the Reddit thread image below as an example: Can you identify the effects associated with status icons (obviously without consulting external sources)?

In the same discussion, many users complained about this shortcoming on the part of FromSoftware, which on its own opted for a simplified game interface that contrasts with today’s other open-world interface, but in this case is probably too stingy on details.

Only by consulting external sources, such as this page from FixralifeWe learn, for example, that the red icon represents an increase in life points and that it is always orange where there is a square in the background and not a diamond (which instead indicates temporary reinforcements/distractions).

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Of course, in some cases these effects are determined by the hardware, so just read the description to get an idea of ​​which boosters/eliminators or altered states are activated, but this only partially solves the problem. So we need an internal page in the menus that explains exactly what each icon represents (among other things found in the “tutorial” sections of many games).