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Pietro Masso yesterday on Rai Uno, is it right to give him space on TV?  scan

Pietro Masso yesterday on Rai Uno, is it right to give him space on TV? scan

The program “Cronache crimei” was broadcast yesterday evening on Rai Uno, with an interview with Pietro Maso, who killed his parents in Montecchia di Crosara in 1991. Do you think it is right to give him space on TV? Answer the questionnaire.

Pietro Masso during the 2019 “I Kill” interview

It was broadcast last night Rai Uno The second batch ofcrime recordsFormer Leader and Judge Giancarlo Di Cataldo retraces the gruesome crime of the Maso couple Event by his son Pietro and his accomplicesin 1991 a A montage of Crosarain the province of Verona.

A situation that shocked Italy and provoked a Huge media sensation. At that time as on the occasion of every television interview. In fact, precedents have also caused a lot of discussion Television interventions by Pietro Massoin 2017 Maurice Costanzo And in 2019 On the program “I killed” on the nine.

After this interview for this documentary on Rai Uno, Masu mentioned it She will not be conducting any further interviews in the future.

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