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Severe turbulence on the road, watch out for the next few hours until Wednesday, details »

Live Weather News: Severe turbulence is on the way, watch out over the next few hours through Wednesday for details

The weather is still bad for the next few hoursAfter, after cyclonic vortex that affected Italy last weekend, bringing rain, storms and even snow to the Alps and the Apennines, we cannot let our guard down. Another disturbance is approaching France and will involve sectors of central and northern Italy from Tuesday, November 15th.

But what areas will be at risk in the next few hours?

Early in the morning Tuesday 15 Novemberfirst Is raining And the My time It is expected in the northwest regions with the prevailing interest Liguria And the Tuscanywhere they expect a cumulative close to 50-70 mm. Another chance to see some snowflakes above 1600-1650m in Valle d’Aosta, above 1800-1900m in Lombardy. Moderate and widespread rains will not be spared Emilia-Romagnawhile they will be less convinced Piedmont Western and initially also on Trevento.

during Tuesday afternoon disorder It will also extend to the central regions with participation TrademarksAnd the UmbriaAnd the Lazio and locally Sardinia. Some rain may also appear on the middle and high Adriatic side, encroaching on the sea Trevento.Distribution and accumulation of rain expected for Tuesday, November 15Distribution and accumulation of rain expected for Tuesday, November 15

Bad weather phase, which will then extend From the evening of Tuesday 15 November Also towards the rest of Central and Southern Italy, with the participation of Campania and Calabria-Tyrene. Temperatures slightly at both the minimum and maximum values. winds It extends from the southwest quadrants over the basins of the upper Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas, while the weak/moderate Khamasin winds will blow over the entire Adriatic sector.Forecasts for the distribution and accumulation of rain for Wednesday, November 16Forecasts for the distribution and accumulation of rain for Wednesday, November 16

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