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Meta e la NASA stasera vanno sulla luna

Metta and NASA go to the moon tonight

NASAAnd the Meta Platforms Inc. (NASDAQ:Half) and three other technology operators are making history by broadcasting a virtual reality space launch in real time to a global audience for the first time.

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test flight Artemis 1 NASA unmanned aerial vehicle the moon It will be launched into space in a few hours and you can watch it in virtual reality in real time, to me Participants will feel like they are standing by the Artemis mission as it begins.

For the first time in 50 years, it was NASA Artemis Program It aims to return humans to the moon. This test flight aims to ensure that manned missions are as safe as possible.

Images and audio of the Artemis launch will be broadcast in very high definition at Meta Horizon Worlds headquarters and on the Space Explorers Facebook page. The full 360-degree broadcast will also be available over 5G at multiple locations and planetariums around the world. Globalism.

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Montreal-based, award-winning virtual reality store AmyAnd the Felix and Paul Studios Responsible for this historic moment with technical support from a cloud-based broadcast collaboration company Aerial photography expert FlightLine Movies. Together, they will create a close and vibrant viewing experience, the report said.

In this case, enables “content aggregation and distribution in real time across multiple platforms such as domes or immersive cinemas, AR/VR devices, social media channels, and live broadcasts,” said CTO Johan Romero. .

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