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Perfect conditions for Burian, Italy;  Let’s see what they are »

Perfect conditions for Burian, Italy; Let’s see what they are »

Burien: When frost reaches the heart of EuropeEurope and Italy may be invested in winter Strong waves of snow and ice from distant Russian lands: Technically this irritation is defined Burian. This is a rare event, but with the right configurations it can disrupt weather conditions in a few days.

In detail Burian It is a snow wind It sweeps through the endless Siberian lands and Kazakh steppes in winter towards the Urals or the Sarmatian plains of European Russia. Sometimes, the wind can even reach me 100 km per hour and are with Snow storms This can lead to a severe reduction in vision, greatly increasing the sensation of cold.
The main feature of a burian is a cold air current, precisely from the area where it is located.Cool picture“That is, the coldest and heaviest layer of air close to the ground and not more than 1000/2000 meters. This particular air is usually limited Russia Or at most in Eastern Europe but, sometimes, also in Italy.
The map below shows the frost waves that hit our country February 2012When freezing temperatures and abundant snowfall occurred, especially in the Mid-North.Structures to be Burian up to Italy.  February 2012 caseStructures to be Burian up to Italy. February 2012 case
But what triggers these frost waves? The reason must be sought above North Pole Occurs suddenly between January and February, usually every 5/6 years Stratwarming. This term, in meteorology, refers to an irregularity and intensity Get ready from stratosphere Terrain, above the arctic region, further down the line 30°/40°C in a few days. This warming, once activated, gradually extends into the upper troposphere. polar vortex.
And that’s what could happen: Projections see an imminent episode of stratwarming over Siberia, which could actually lead to a collapse of the polar vortex.

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This has already happened in the past, which is why we know well that the edges of the vortex can descend in latitude. Frost waves to the Mediterranean basin. Although statistics do not see this event coming this winter (the last episode was 4 years ago), according to recent updates, a Strong warming in the upper stratosphere, Already up to January 2023 within ten days Siberia.
For this reason, a cold phase cannot be ruled out after the middle of next month, with its consequences for the second part of winter.