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"Maybe this is the fault of Grillino's income ...".  Jorgetti is no more

“Maybe this is the fault of Grillino’s income …”. Jorgetti is no more

Citizenship income, as has been proven in many cases, is an obstacle to the recovery of the country. Except for those who are in real trouble and those who see it as an emergency tool waiting to find a new job, there are many who prefer to get it rather than work. The Minister of Economic Development has focused on them. Giancarlo Giorgietti Before a meeting with trade unions in Como with Mayor Giordano Moldeni’s center-right candidate.

We have an unemployment rate of 8-9%, which does not seem to be a problem when looking at the statistics. In some areas it doesn’t seem to be honest Unemployment And if so, it is addictive by resident income“, The minister declared. The problem is undoubtedly underlying, affecting the level of wages in Italy, one of the lowest countries in Europe, in the choice of obtaining citizenship income.”Sometimes being at home is more convenient than accepting work“.

Giancarlo Giorgietti’s analysis is certainly not unique to the Italian panorama. Many are skeptical of the livelihood measure currently being offered. A few days ago, even the Governor of the Bank of Italy, Ignacio Visco, Participation in the Turin International Economic Forum raised some doubts about citizen income. Need “Understand what the function is“In terms of civic income, the governor said, keeping in mind that today there are more than 3 million earners.”Only a quarter will get a job immediately“.

Of course, with the current economic crisis, “These are in the transition phase Weak social groups If you do not notice it, you will cause serious damage“But”We need to understand what the function of citizen income is. 3 million people earn an income that costs 9 billion a year“. A quarter of the 3 million earners can return to the world of work immediately, but do not enter into it.”There is an important side workTo do, Ignacio Visco finished.

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