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“Pd-M5S coalition? There was only one way. The right here has failed in everything” –

“Pd-M5S coalition? There was only one way. The right here has failed in everything” –

Alessandra Tode What do you think of Meloni's rally in Cagliari?
“Meloni behaved like the usual Italian liar, and as a Sardinian I was outraged. A prime minister comes here to perform on stage And making jokes as if he belonged to the worst opposition party, but carefully avoiding meeting and listening to citizens. He should have apologized to Sardinians for 5 years of disasters, for the cuts in medicine, instead he comes to mock us and talk to us about merit after appointing one of the most underappreciated mayors in Italy, Druzzo.”

Does Soru's candidacy cause problems for you?
“A vote for Soru is a vote for Druze. He is taking a very serious responsibility, and he knows that there is a danger that the people who destroyed the region will be in government.”

You may have done the primaries.
“Primaries were exploited by Soru. The topic was debated at length at the coalition table and in individual parties. Most center-left acronyms have decided which path to take without outside interference. The absconders, hiding behind the primaries, decided that the democratic system could not be accepted. No good visiting card.”

Will his potential victory help the PD-5 Star Alliance?
“There is no other option to stop the right but a coalition without subservient parties to others. We have our differences, but above all we have many common values. With an additive and non-subtractive approach, we treated the differences as a value”.