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"Is that? Tell me? Oh well..." - Libero Koditiano

“Is that? Tell me? Oh well…” – Libero Koditiano

Tense stories a Half an hour moreproject Lucia Annunziata The first guest of the episode is Rai 3 aired Adolfo Urso, Senator of the Brethren of Italy, and president of the Gobasir. The point is that the notice, almost provocatively, continues to assert, He wants to know something about the list of ministersIf not at least names whether it is closed or not.

Urso, for his part, points out how impossible it is to talk about ministers Georgia Meloney He didn’t get the prime ministership, but that wasn’t enough for the Annunziata. If this date is adhered to, October 25 (a possible government solution as per rumours, Ed), which means we are almost at the definition of arrival for the government’s definition. Ministers will not be made at the last minute,” Annanjiada attacked.

“It is transparent, a coalition united with the electorate with a common plan that we have all signed up to, Along with the criteria that indicate the prime candidate. We are not an advanced alliance – answers Urso -. We are an alliance that has been operating in this country since 1994, which Meloni has always protected. There are rules, priorities, plans to be implemented. But it is clear to everyone that you cannot ask Maloney to name the ministers when the ministers have not been appointed yet,” he pointed out.

And Annunziata did not give up. “Nobody expected, we’re talking about dates: If the government comes on 25th, which means we are already far ahead in the list of ministers. “Urso tries to remember how the previous government took three months to find the right place, and Annunziata interrupts him again:” He confirms that there is a list of ministers. A developed state? it? “. An obsession. Urso replies again:” I have no knowledge. I did not ask Maloney for a list of ministers. I don’t believe you,” concludes an increasingly provocative Annunziata.

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