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Parliamentary assets pronouncements who is the richest

Parliamentary assets pronouncements who is the richest

The asset announcements of Parliamentarians and the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, are available online on the House, Senate and Government websites. It ranges from 2.5 million for Renzi to 34,000 euros for Conte.

in the collective imagination We tend to think that all parliamentarians and politicians are rich. However, looking at their tax returns, it turns out that this is only partly true.

Giuseppe Conte (left) and Matteo Renzi are also on the other side in terms of tax returns

Entry of Representatives

Vice Forza Italia Christine Rossellófor example, the senator and leader of FIFA Italy Matthew Renzi They announced Income exceeding two million euros in 2022. While it amounted to approx 19,700 euros income gain Abu Bakr Samhuro, he was elected to the Green Europe party and moved to the mixed group after the scandal that overwhelmed part of his family. However, there are not only members of parliament, but also members of the government.

How much does Meloni earn?

In 2022 the total income of the prime minister, Georgia Meloniwas worth 160706 euro. It turned out from the documents he provided Owner of an apartment in Rome He does not receive any remuneration from the presidency of the Council.Based on Block accumulation with the’Allowance payable to Members of ParliamentPursuant to Article 3 of the legislative decree of May 21, 2013, n. 54.

Minister’s money

Minister of Agriculture , Francesco LollobrigidaEnter 104,792 euro. to the Minister of the Environment, Gilberto Picetto FrattinOn the other hand, some lands and buildings belong in common ownership. In 2022 his total income is €165,802. Among the members of the government, including members of Parliament, the Minister of Economy, Giancarlo GiorgettiHe is the owner of several properties. For the year 2022 he declared a gross income of €99,623. It turned out rather than 232,438 euros that the Minister of Justice, Charles Nordeauwho owns an apartment in Treviso and several shares in Bpm.

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Maria Elena Woods entered the legacy
Maria Elena Bosque, FIFA Italia group leader in the room. Photo by Ansa/Riccardo Antimiani

Representatives and the Senate

Among the parliamentarians, the president of Montecitorio, Lorenzo Fontanais the owner of an apartment A VeronaA co-owner of another property in the same city and another apartment Brussels, in Belgium. In 2022, his total income would equal €99,465. Instead, the position of President of the Senate was much higher, Ignatius Larosa: 381,317 euros. From the documents, he is the owner of several buildings, shares in four companies, one Fiat 500who won f Jaguar.

Giuseppe Conte, 34 thousand euros “only”

Notable differences were found by comparing documents submitted by party leaders, who are also parliamentarians. In 2022 he entered Enrico Letta It was equal to 388,863 euros while it stopped at 34,095 euros That the leader of the Five Star Movement, Joseph Contewho also stated that he owned a Jaguar. Angelo Bonellifrom Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra, entered 78,829 euros. Bonelli has important stakes in Tiscali and Inovio, while documents have been submitted before Nicola Fratoianni It turns out that in 2022 it was his income 105,660 euros.

Silvio Berlusconi entered
Silvio Berlusconi: It goes without saying that his personal income amounts to several billion euros if we take into account all his movable and real estate assets, starting with the Mediaset ownership. Photo by Ansa/Mourad Balti-Touati

MPs, Renzi and Calenda

between deputies, Matthew RenziItaly’s leader declared FIFA More than 2.5 million euros In 2022. He is a co-owner of several properties, owns a Land Rover, a Mini Cooper and a €10,000 stake in a company where he is the sole director. Charles CalendaWhen the Senator leads the third pole, he announces that he owns a motorcycle and 205 shares in a corporation. In 2022 it will be his total income 65,291 euros.

Salvini, Pucci and Tremonti

Instead equals 115,852 euros that of Matthew SalviniLeague leader. Heritage documentation for Palazzo Madama is not yet available on the Palazzo Madama website Silvio Berlusconi. to Maria Elena Bosquefor the third pole, the declared income in 2022 was equal to 98,471 euros. On the other hand, the previously declared incomeFormer Minister of EconomyAnd Giulio Tremontinow deputy Brothers of Italy. In 2022 it will be equal 1.5 million euros.

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