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Bonomi in Davos?  I’ll tell you a botanical background

Bonomi in Davos? I’ll tell you a botanical background

The postcard made me have fun like a hedgehog Mario Giordano Where he says that the head of Confindustria Charles Bonomi He went to Davos to interview his wife. There’s nothing wrong with that, because Veronica Gervaso is an excellent journalist, and she was there before Bonomi and will be there after him, too.

The point, Giordano points out, is that Bonomi goes to Davos To say that the state should provide assistance to companies, when he himself said that he was against various subsidies for workers.
And in this regard, Mario breaks a door open: Subsidies, whether for workers or companies, are public expenditures, and in this country, there’s a lot of public spending.

Then I will tell you one gossip Always on Bonomi.

As head of Assolombarda, he made an agreement (with Assolombarda) to go to Davos.
Indeed, you should know that it costs 100-200 thousand euros to go to Davos and that Bonomi, as Giordano writes today, had only one small company that was not worth much. So Assolombarda spent a lot of money so that her boss could go to Davos to show off and interview him.

Here, this is Italy. This is the Italy of consumers, who must be summoned to parliaments even if they do not represent anyone, and Confindustria, which must go to Davos to talk about nothing.

Nicola Burrow, January 23, 2023

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