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“I like to love myself”

“I like to love myself”

“I’m 61 and a half years old and I’ve never felt better in my life.” Thus Alba Baretti wrote in the first of the publications that depicted her soaking in Courmayeur’s spa tubs. while in another, she lets herself go into a prolonged outburst in which she claims her way of being and responds in her own way to those who accuse her of wanting to show off.

Baretti wrote, “I will have time to resign and sleep when life will not give me a way to live, but until then I want to represent myself in the way I most like it: to please myself.” Then she continues: “I live love for myself and what I love without false shame, I have a corrupt taste because I criticize and love and hate just because I like to be loved and loved. There is no superficiality in this, there is an awareness, commitment and challenge to life, to time, to clichés, and to public morality. I This: vain, childish, adolescent at heart.A Lolita of a certain age refuses to enter into the stereotypes of a society that decides how and when you are competitive, young, old, strong, when you have your time, and how much your time is still worth.The more it passes time, the value of my time has increased.”

And when a follower tries to attack her by pointing out the fact that the photos posted may have been retouched or at least subtly studied to look as good as possible (“I’d like to see how you really look in the morning without the filters as soon as you get out of bed and then we’ll talk about it”) she never misses an opportunity. to reciprocate. “According to the man who loves me and lives with me, mornings are my finest hour. And he’s not the only one who said it, look what a disappointment.” Game, match, match.

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