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Previsioni meteo per il weekend

Over the weekend, an Atlantic hurricane will hit Italy between Saturday and Sunday; Many regions are at great risk »

Weather: Over the weekend, an Atlantic hurricane will hit Italy between Saturday and Sunday; Many regions are at great risk

Weather forecast for the weekendOutside of umbrellas and heavy clothing: An Atlantic hurricane will hit Italy next weekend Kicking off the dangerous phase of bad weather.
Between Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 November, there will be a high risk of heavy rain with storms in many of our areas. The wind blows.

It is all caused by one person A large area of ​​low pressure Driven by southerly winds and fed by air masses of polar-oceanic origin, it reaches the Mediterranean basin from the North Atlantic. Cold currents entering from the Rhone Gate (south-eastern France) favor a formation Cyclone Heavy rain can also be unleashed, even in the form of storms and strong winds.

Currently the The areas most at risk are confirmed and accurately indicated by the map we propose below Saturday, November 19 They are initially bossy Lazio And this Campania (Areas with accumulations of up to 70 mm in 24 hours, i.e. 70 liters of rain per square metre, are highlighted in purple).
The biggest risk of these types of disturbance inputs is about potential Consistency Thunderstorm events can persist in the same areas for several hours. flash flood.Rain forecast for Saturday 19th NovemberRain forecast for Saturday 19th November
More heavy rain is expected Sicily And Sardinia Where they also break heavy wind from Mistral 60/70 kmph. This deterioration will then spread rapidly to other parts of the Mid-South. The north is mostly avoided by rains that only affect Romagna and lower Veneto; In short, a perfect autumn day is expected, the likes of which have not been seen for a long time.

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Disturbed front, as well as bad weather, a severe wave, and imposed a liability A sharp drop in temperature After a few weeks of “unseasonal” heat temperatures across Italy will drop below average.

Sunday 20th The cyclone will move quickly to the south-east, relieving the central regions of bad weather, and the sun will shine again like the north. In fact, they are expected First frost of the season Early morning temperatures can reach 0°C, especially in Piedmont and Lombardy, up to the northern plains.

In the south and on the two main islands there will be more unsettled weather, with fresh rain and thunderstorms with strong winds. Mistral.