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Apple wants to distance itself from Asia: Will it use US-made chips from 2024?

Apple wants to distance itself from Asia: Will it use US-made chips from 2024?

Apple wants to reduce its dependence on the Asian supply chain as Chip manufacturing. According to BloombergCupertino House is poised to diversify its geography of distribution.Buying chips from a plant currently under construction in Arizona And opens up the opportunity to do the same from companies within Europe.

“We already have It decided to buy from a plant in Arizona due to start up in 2024So we have a couple of years ahead of us on that front, maybe a little less,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said during a meeting with employees in Germany. “For Europe, I am sure we will get from Europe as well These plans are becoming more visible,” he added.

There are basically two options available for apple production in Arizona: The first, most plausible, is that TSMC extension. Taiwan “foundry”, already an exclusive partner of Apple Open its own manufacturing plant in 2024 (Work is already underway) According to rumors, the Asian company is considering building a second fab in Arizona to diversify its plant location and guarantee higher volumes.

The second choice is less likely, but highly recommended Intel. PC Microchip has also started construction of two manufacturing plants – Fab 52 and Fab 62 – It will be operational in 2024. Apple’s presence among customers would be a major coup for Intel’s growing contract manufacturing business, the Intel Foundry Services division.

At the same time, Apple had to adapt its designs to Intel’s manufacturing processes, starting a new relationship: everything could go well or, conversely, everything could go wrong. As the saying goes, “Those who leave an old path for a new one know what they are leaving, not what they will find.”

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The United States and the European Union have announced tens of thousands of incentives and concessions with their respective CHIPS laws to build strong manufacturing chains in their respective regions. This is not only due to the desire to compete in an important sector such as technology or the need to avoid unpredictable problems such as a new pandemic, but also because of tensions over Taiwan in relations between China and the United States.

According to Tim Cook, 60% of the world’s processor production comes from TaiwanA situation where the CEO defines “Not strategicAt the moment Apple is tied “hands and feet” to Taiwan for the production of its devices, with the iPhone at the forefront, so moving part of the production to the US would be an important step from many perspectives.

And yet it exists An unknown factor in the TSMC-Arizona situation: Fab, according to currently known plans, should guarantee an initial production of 20,000 wafers per month of 5-nanometer chips, Not enough numbers to satisfy Cupertino house wishes In terms of modules and technological advancement.

TSMC could revise its plans to satisfy Apple, or more simply, Apple could initially use the plant to produce less complex chips than the SoC at the heart of its devices, be they iPhones or Macs.

As for production in Europe, rumors have been recurring for months, leaving aside the Intel scene and its expansion plans in the Old Continent (So far denied) interest by TSMC to manufacture in Germany. Apple has a large engineering center in the country, which it announced last year 1 billion euros investment in Munich. A manufacturing plant “in the area” will be useful to you.

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