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Online credits expired, we know everyone who worked on them –


I credits Highly expected elden ringThe new game from FromSoftware is gone Online. If we want, we can know in advance the names of all those who worked in the game. If you’re curious, check out the video below. Attention, however, to potential developments, particularly those derived from reading the voice actors of the various characters.

Note that the credits also contain some funny jokes. For example, director Miyazaki also appears as “Miyazaka”. This is not an error, but a reference to a promotional material, which was subsequently withdrawn, in which his name was spelled precisely incorrectly.

As for the rest of the credits, there’s not much more to say, apart from that they last more than six minutes (not unusual these days). Of course, the name also appears GRR Martin As co-author of the game world, but that was taken for granted. However, these are not final credits, as there are alternate sections and other sections to be determined later. Not to worry, as these are things that settle within a few minutes, but in the meantime it’s right to note.

For the rest, we remind you that the Elden Ring release date is set for February 25, 2022 on PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and S.

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